13 Creative Ways to Encourage Employee Retention

Many companies are able to retain their employees for many years because of the efforts they put into expressing appreciation and gratitude to their employees.

Do as the MNCs do

From the likes of Google, Microsoft and Facebook, these are ideas from world-renowned companies. Wonderful and creative rewards are given to their employees, making these companies such as attractive places to work at.

We have collated them for your reference! Many require higher budgets and a lot of work, so we provided viable alternatives. Sit back, relax and enjoy reading.

Here are 13 creative ways to encourage employee retention in your organisation.

1. Wellness

Google is well-known for having beautiful offices. These offices provide top-notch ambience to help their employees get the optimal level of work done.

Similarly, they reward their employees with attractive and creative rewards. They care for their employees’ wellbeing by providing them with chiropractic therapy and massage services. Similarly, you can gift e vouchers in Singapore which enable your employees to redeem physical fitness equipment, outfits, or wellness services.

2. Company Marathon or Team Sports Day

Team-bonding or sports activities never fail to make your employees relate more closely to the company because they show that you care about the relationships you build with them as well, not just the work they produce.

3. Sports Club

Similar to one-day events, you could seek out local sports clubs or curricular activities for your employees to participate together after work hours!

4. Gym & Fitness Centre Access

Though your business may not be able to afford onsite gyms or office fitness centers, you definitely can reward your employees not just with free healthcare services, but digital vouchers that offsets some if not all of their gym expenses!

5. Entertainment

Work is not just about the grind. Remember to also reward your staff by providing them with some entertainment to relax after work. Having a karaoke singing contest or just a casual jamming session can be an awesome way for your employees to relieve stress!

UNIQGIFT digital gift cards or e gift cards Singapore allow your employees to enjoy karaoke sessions at Manekineko with their loved ones and friends.

6. Nutrition & Supplements

UNIQGIFT e vouchers in Singapore are perfect gifts especially for older employees who deserve quality supplements, vitamins and nutrients to care for their health.

Wishing them good health and giving them more work-life balance is great but giving e vouchers or online vouchers that can be used to redeem supplements and vitamins would also be a thoughtful gift!

7. Good Food

In Singapore, everyone LOVES food. You will never go wrong with rewarding your employees with a feast! You could reward them with UNIQGIFT E vouchers which they can use to dine with their family and friends at our extensive list of dining merchant partners.

8. Contribute to the community

You could also combine this idea with a little CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Partner with a social service organization and organize a day where your company can serve the community together.

Purchase physical vouchers, give them out to your employees, and let them distribute the vouchers to the less fortunate. This is a great way of letting your employees know that your company is concerned about social needs and not just about money. They will be more likely to align themselves with such a company. At the same time, your company will be helping the less fortunate.

9. Tech Rewards

Tech companies often gift their employees with their own tech equipment or gadgets, but if you are not a tech company or you don’t have that kind of budget, a great way to reward your employees would be to gift them with e gift cards in Singapore to spend on gadgets they like!

10. Dedicating office space

Your employees will always appreciate you for caring about their well-being, even in the office. A feasible way is to dedicate some rooms or office space for them to do recreational activities or simply relax.

Companies like Asana have dedicated “nap rooms”. Another idea is to conduct renovations and upgrades in the company. For example, having potted plants, natural sunlight and big windows can do a lot for your employee’s mental health and well-being. This will benefit loyal employees and give them more reasons to stay.

11. Encourage Travelling with Traveling Allowance

Many employees are hungry to travel and explore the world once again, after the pandemic subsides. Thus, reward your employees with travel allowance or vouchers to support and encourage their travelling dreams and thirst for adventure!

12. Flexible Work-life balance

Another way to retain employees is showing that you trust them. One area which you can show this trust is through your company’s leave system. This is perhaps why you could emulate what Netflix did, which is giving unlimited time off, and up to one year’s paid time off for new parents.

This means your employees have no need to worry about emergencies at home, and can count on you that you trust them fully. Similarly, you should stop dictating when your employees can leave work. If they are done, let them enjoy the time they saved from working hard. Especially towards loyal employees, whom you trust.

13. Rewarding them with EVERYTHING

Most of the above can actually be achieved, one way or another with UNIQGIFT’s E Vouchers in Singapore. With abundant choices, gifting your employees with these gift cards is the perfect, all-encompassing way of rewarding them with everything and anything they desire!

If you are looking to reward your employees, contact us today!