With Advertising Clutter, here are 3 strategies to grab your customers’ attention

It takes months to acquire a customer but just a second to lose his/her attention. Here’s how to be the golden egg that doesn’t crack up.

The playing field is getting flooded by the second. The web is constantly hustling and bustling with a ton of competing brands, content and aggressive attempts by each brand to woo customers. New advancements in technology have definitely driven business, but they have also brought in a new challenge.

The customer is constantly hooked onto his phone or laptop – even more so during the pandemic. Online traffic has surged, and so has the frequency at which the consumer scrolls across different social media feeds.

He shuffles between 3 sites in a minute – tuning in and out. Amidst this crooning clutter, the challenge to capture the customer’s attention is further aggravated.

Traditional advertising with vanilla offers and couponing is taking a hit. Why so? There are way too many of them, and few have managed to reach the customer or catch his/her attention. Studies show that a personalised experience drives 48% of customers to spend more. The world has moved far ahead of the native email automation customisation like “Hi Longhao Liu”.

So how does one exactly personalize for the billions of prospective customers on the web? How does one stand out from the advertising clutter and drive sales?

Here are 3 effective strategies that will help break through the din.

1. Rewarding Customers: The Gift Card Gala

Incentivising customers is crucial. Why else would they be encouraged to come back to a brand? One has to constantly provide them with ‘an exciting reward’ to catch their fickle eyes.

In the eyes of a customer, gift cards are a valuable and practical deal. Good deals catch the gaze of all!

The customer can purchase his desired item over a comfortably long validity period, helping him to have a better image association with your brand. In this way, gift cards not only catch customer attention but also help establish customer retention.

During social distancing and lockdown norms, going digital is the recommended route. As per Bankrate.com’s survey, electronic gift cards are being consumed more – especially by millennials. The choices for online vouchers pan across a multitude of categories like electronics, clothing, beauty, e-books, subscriptions, etc.

UNIQGIFT e vouchers are equivalent to gift cards which are flexible and widely-acceptable. They are not only accepted in over 450 retail outlets in Singapore but also extremely simple to use.

2. Make your brand relevant in today’s time: Information that holds value

In the wake of the pandemic, customer behaviours have drastically changed. They have formed new routines, apprehensions, and priorities. It’s important to make sure your product or service adapts to the new behaviours of the customers by offering real value.

Present value-added information with context to the new era. For instance, if you own a salon business, is your staff sanitising all the equipment for a customer’s hairstyling session? If you have a jewellery brand, could you do a video tour for customers looking to purchase jewellery from the comfort of his home?

Present information that matters across your marketing and advertising campaigns through explainer videos or images. This sort of personalisation tells the customer that you genuinely care.

3. Building positive ORM

Word spreads like fire in the digital world. It’s all a close-knit cycle. Hashtags trends and even falter. A stream of negative comments or unanswered complaints on your Facebook post can drive customers away.

It’s important that customers see your business in a positive light through positive reviews, Facebook comments, blogs, and more. Conducting regular and fun campaigns on social media is great way to keep customers engaged with your brand. You can run contests that offer rewards like gift cards.

You can share engaging content, stories, and blogs that increase the subscriber base of your business account. Training your customer service and social media teams to address complaints 24/7 (and resolve them too) is a great way to personalise the customer experience.

Having an organic high follower count can ensure that customers are in constant touch with your brand.

The worldwide web is full of constant updates, brand campaigns and salesmen. In this light, it becomes ever important to ensure your campaigns can cut through the clutter. UNIQGIFT offers smart e voucher gift solutions that can contribute to making your campaigns a more attractive one.

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