3 proven ways to increase employee well-being

Let them know that ‘you care’, so that they can care for your business.

It is true – our lives are re-routed around our work. We plan play dates with our children after we have finished that business meeting. We cook a lavish turkey after sending out that year-end report. In short, we are inseparable from our work.

Until recently, employee well-being was under-valued. This obviously caused quick resignations with businesses having to spend time and resources to recruit new staff and train them up – causing a productivity drain on the business. Studies report that workplace stress alone can cost organisations up to $300 billion a year.

So, what does employee well-being entail?

Employee well-being gauges how your job affects your happiness and health. It is a well-being measure that measures how your scope of work, stress levels, office culture, colleagues influence your overall health in terms of the below parameters:

• Mental well-being
• Physical wellbeing
• Safety in one’s occupation
• Satisfaction level

A report by the American Psychological Association showcases that employees recommend their company as a good place to work if they see that well-being initiatives are in place. With the current lockdown, businesses have come to value how important an employee and his/her well-being is.

In Singapore, attempts by HR teams to increase employee well-being aren’t a silo-approach. They aim to incorporate well-being into an organisations’ culture: right from rewarding employees through gift vouchers, promotions and other positive gestures, making improvement tools accessible, focusing on work-life balance, permitting maternal leaves and staycations, working on active lifestyles or holding timely one-on-one review meetings.

Let’s dive into the 3 most-effective and proven ways to increase employee well-being.

#1 Reward your teams to scale motivation levels

We loved that medal bagged after winning the school relay race. We loved it when our spouse complimented us for that berry-licious breakfast we made. It is an undeniable fact that the human mind loves rewards. Rewards help one stay motivated.

Employee well-being requires a constant motivator. Rewards work as a catalyst. Here are a few ideas that can touch teams as well as show them that you value their well-being.

Festive salary bonuses on Christmas or National Day so employees can purchase gifts for their loved ones across many different merchants.

Digital gifts are timeless in comparison to cliché corporate gifts like pens and cutlery. E-gift cards that are accepted across retail outlets such as UNIQGIFT e vouchers are practical gifts. The employee can conveniently purchase what he really needs and wants.

Drinks and dinner on the house to celebrate successful business pitches. This also helps in team-bonding while establishing a friendly atmosphere. You can research and pick Singapore pubs offering Happy Hours to ensure a cost-efficient celebration.

• Firmly incorporate the concept of recognition into the company culture.

#2 Encourage exercise to build healthier employees

Sitting on the desk has given rise to the unhealthy ‘sedentary lifestyle’. We tend to work, sip tea, attend zoom calls, make pitches – all from a desk or sofa. Being unhealthy and unfit may affect a person’s productivity in the long run.

The body needs movement and appropriate blood flow to feel upbeat. Encourage your teams to exercise and keep fit together. For instance, you can consider holding step challenges where those who clocked in more workouts or steps would be entitled to receive certain rewards like online vouchers. You could even hold weekly exercise sessions over Zoom or Teams with your team.

#3 As a leader, press the ‘allow’ button to prevent staff burnouts

Why is it so difficult to sometimes hit ‘allow’?

An employee may want a day off to spend time with their children, for special family occasions, or even just to spend time being alone and free from work.

Evaluate your employees’ previous performance and their contributions to the organisation. You will realise that most of them have been working extremely hard. Giving them the freedom and required break time helps them know that you value their well-being too.

Well-rested employees will come back and be more productive than if they were burnt out.

The well-being of your employees matter. They are an asset to your organisation. Their well-being is as important as the well-being of the business.

We’d look forward to hearing your thoughts on employee well-being and steps taken by your firm to ensure that it is given its due.

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