Attention HR Teams: 5 Great Things You Can Accomplish with a Reward Voucher

Attention HR Teams: 5 Great Things You Can Accomplish with a Reward Voucher


The past year has been very difficult for organizations all over the planet. The world, having shut down has taken a dramatic toll on people’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Big offices have had to shut down and shift major amount of workforce to work from their homes.

This sudden shift in work habits, in tandem with the stress and worry about the ongoing pandemic has made a significant dent in working morale of company employees and staff. There is however, one way of fixing this. How about inculcating a sense of joy and optimism in their work by setting up various reward programs.

In the past, corporate rewards have been mostly physical gift cards that the companies presented to the employees in person. However, with the advent of the work from home culture, the paradigm of rewarding has shifted from physical copies of gift cards to online gift vouchers.

Gifting Companies like UNIQGIFT specialize in curating gift vouchers that your company can then issue to their staff at their own convenience, across multiple merchants.

Below you will find 5 suggestions that you can use to kick off your rewards program:

1. To encourage active creative participation, we suggest building a system inside your company that recognizes and rewards good ideas.

2. The world right now is in dire need of help. It is advisable to set up interesting reward programs for the employees that have gone out of their way, beyond their professional calling to volunteer to company-led charities.

3. More often than not, when one is running a company, repeated hurdles and roadblocks are an inevitable fight that the management has to regularly take up. In this situation, it could be a great idea to celebrate the individuals who develop solutions to these issues and help in the smooth running of the company.


4. Running a company can often be a daunting and unwieldy affair. That’s why we have different types of departments. And of course, it isn’t everyone’s responsibility to bring in new clients, but when this action is done unprompted, we believe, it shouldn’t go unrewarded. Not only does it highlight the types of proactive actions that we’d like to encourage, but also helps in growing morale as a whole.

5. The world is progressing at speeds that were unprecedented. Technologies and methodologies are changing every day. It is but natural that someone who started working on a certain kind of knowledge base, finds their niche skill obsolete in a few years when another technology develops. In situations such as these, it is a good idea to reward the people who take up voluntary training sessions to improve themselves and their skillsets for the company.



These are just a few examples of the various things that one can do to try and apply Digital Gift Cards rewards programs in their organizations. Companies such as UNIQGIFT are a great partner in this endeavor as the world tries to rebuild itself from the unexpected tragedy.