Blue Collar Workers need recognition too: Here are 6 Rewards Ideas

Manual labor can be such an undervalued form of work, and yet, it is hardly an easy task. Employers need to make the extra effort to recognize what they do and their value to the company so that they do not feel underappreciated.

Here are 6 awesome rewards ideas to show how much you appreciate them!

1. Care for their Wellbeing

The best gift to blue collar workers is allowing them to unwind from menial labor, while also ensuring their physical fitness does not take a toll.

You can gift e vouchers or digital vouchers that enable them to redeem physical fitness equipment, outfits, or massaging services.

2. Wellness, Supplements, Nutrition

Furthermore, this can be tied in with nutrition, physical health, and wellness. Guardian, Pure and Well, and Holland and Barrett are just some examples of wellness and supplement stores that can satisfy your employee’s need to ensure their health is optimal.

3. Healthy Food

Food provides your employees with energy to get them through the day, and we are what we eat. This is why food is so important and what your employees consume should be prioritized. UNIQGIFT gift vouchers Singapore and online vouchers provide just the perfect reward for them!

Out of all our partner merchants available on our vouchers, more than 45 merchants are restaurants or food-related retailers, and there are also tons of healthier options among them.

4. Sweet Treats

Of course, rewarding employees should also involve allowing them to give in to cheat days and sweet treats, such as ice cream, frozen yoghurt, or bubble tea!

With UNIQGIFT, your employees get to choose from a wide variety of decadent desserts as well. There is the famous Gong Cha, Llao Llao, Dunkin Donuts, Swensen’s and Andersen’s Ice Cream. This will definitely satisfy any of your employee’s cravings!

5. Cafe Hunting

Singapore has a very strong & vibrant food culture. Over the last few years, the café scene has bloomed, and many Singaporeans are hanging out at cafes every weekend.

The perfect way of expressing appreciation and giving recognition to your employees is giving them gift vouchers or online vouchers so they can enjoy a cup of coffee or a delicious cake to relieve all the stress from the day. A great change of pace for blue collar workers would be to sit back and relax.

6. Entertainment

Grinding day in and day out will burn anyone out. Intense manual labor will stress one’s body out over the long-term. Therefore, a great way to reward your workers would be by providing them with some entertainment, to let loose. UNIQGIFT e vouchers Singapore will enable employees to enjoy karaoke sessions with their loved ones and friends!

What’s more, these vouchers could be gifted to various teams or groups of your workers, and they can organize their own karaoke singing contest or an easy-going jamming session with colleagues to build rapport!

If you are looking to reward your employees with gift vouchers in Singapore, contact us today!