Find Out How E Vouchers Can Better Meet Your Voucher Needs

Digital gift vouchers have grown in popularity worldwide. According to statistics, the global value of the gift cards market is expected to hit a value of 510 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

It is no different in Singapore, once a buzzing, bustling metropolis and hotspot for shopping. Yet, the pandemic may have caused some spirits to dampen, especially with shopping malls temporarily closed, and masks and social distancing becoming the new norm.

Our shopping experience will likely change and become quite different from what we were familiar with and used to previously. However, this does not mean it would change for the worse. On the contrary, with changes come novel ideas to progress, ways to improve the status quo, and exciting new trends to follow.

With the global move towards digitalisation, it is natural for companies to start considering E vouchers instead of physical vouchers. Before choosing to adopt E vouchers, you may be curious to find out what some of their benefits are.

This article outlines 4 benefits of using E vouchers so that you can make an informed decision on whether to adopt them for your HR or marketing needs.

1. Convenience

E vouchers come with all the benefits of physical vouchers, but without its disadvantages. Physical vouchers come with high delivery costs, long man-hours of packing and distribution, as well as a need for storage space.

With E vouchers, these negatives are eliminated by technology. Your teams will greatly benefit from a lightened administrative load and they can use that time for more important tasks than packing vouchers for distribution.

2. Flexibility

E vouchers provide maximum flexibility. UNIQGIFT E vouchers can be redeemed at more than 50+ retailer partners. Due to our extensive list of merchant partners, there will be something for everyone.

Furthermore, our UNIQGIFT E vouchers can be used across multiple merchants until the balance runs out. Recipients will never have to waste voucher credits again.

3. Multiple Denominations

E vouchers, like those from UNIQGIFT, come in multiple denominations! Unlike physical gift vouchers that often are fixed in amount and inflexible, digital gift vouchers and E vouchers are available in any denomination from $1 to $1000.

This means that recipients of our E vouchers also have the luxury of partially spending their gift vouchers across multiple transactions in Singapore. They never have to worry about wasting voucher value again and can ensure that they maximize the monetary value that they receive.

4. User Friendly

Our UNIQGIFT e vouchers can be conveniently accessed immediately on any smartphone without downloading an external application. Our digital vouchers are built with HTML5-based technology and they are compatible with native browsers of iOS & Android.

5. Contactless Distribution

As the battle against Covid-19 is still going on, it is best that social distancing is still being practiced. Using physical vouchers inevitably results in physical contact as vouchers pass hands during distribution or redemption.

E vouchers are safer, especially during this season since they can be redeemed and distributed through contactless means. If you are still looking to reward staff or clients this season, reward safely with our online vouchers.

If you are looking to reward smarter and safer, enquire here.