The 6 Best Places for Gifts in Singapore


For some, it is the act that brings peace to their day, and happiness to their lives.

For someone else; it can bring a boatload of stress. After all, you never want to be left standing with a gift you aren’t sure will be well received. Right?

If you find yourself in one of the below:

• In the mood to enter the shopping scene in Singapore – simply to browse or buy something for yourself.

• Or, if you’re on the online check out page for a digital gift for a friend.

There are a few spots that you simply cannot afford to miss.

1. Toys R Us – Gifting for kids

A place that needs no real introduction! Toys R Us stands in Singapore as the magical one stop shop for children’s gifts.

They offer up everything from educational and skill building toys, to Hot Wheels, Nerf guns and Lego sets. The store is stocked with every brand you could imagine. It’s almost guaranteed you’re not going to leave from here empty handed.

2. Books Actually – for every booklover

If you find yourself buying for a bookworm, Books Actually simply must be on your shopping road map. It is the promised land for every book lover. It offers the most extensive collection of English writings in Singapore. The works encompass both local and international writers.

The store offers a comfortable atmosphere where you can get lost for hours pursuing through your favourite titles. The charming store stands as ground zero for a host of literary events spaced throughout the year.

An E voucher in Singapore granting attendance for the same can be the perfect present for one of your more bookish acquaintances.

3. Royce – soak into heavenly chocolater

Shopping, at times, can be a physically and emotionally draining experience. And nothing works like a pick me up better than chocolate. Once chocolate is on your mind, Royce is the place you must hit.

Reining in Singapore for over two decades, Royce offers nutty, fruity and mocha chocolate bars. Their pure chocolate, petite truffle and aromatic cacao simply cannot be passed over.

If you’ve got a friend who’s always up for something fun and experimental, this is your spot to pick their gift. Treat them to the tempting collection chocolate wafers, cookies and popcorn via a digital gift.

4. Chinatown Heritage Centre – bring home culture

Everyone knows Singapore is home to a melting pot of cultures. Each country has its own corner. If you’re in the mood to bring home a symbol of Chinese culture, a place you need to step into is the Chinatown Heritage Centre.

A visit here offers up the chance to truly immerse yourself in the history and transport yourself through the culture of the country. You will even manage to bag a few bargains among the shops here.

5. Shinnpark – the pop-culture abode.

If you’re not someone for mass produced pop culture products, you’re going to want to take a pit stop at Shinnpark during your shopping spree. Home to a few brands, the quaint little shop offers up unique trinkets.

The place offers everything from puzzles and night lights, to keep cups and cushion covers. Don’t forget to grab an E voucher in Singapore from them for one of your more eccentric friends.

6. Monoyono – all it takes to make a house into a home

If you or someone you know is in the process of making their new house into a home, a visit to Monoyono is a must. The chic rustic chain houses a variety of goodies including home décor, cooking accessories, wall hangings and more.

It’s a melange of cute and fashion forward. Once you walk in, you’re almost guaranteed to walk out with things you didn’t even know you wanted for yourself or someone else.

While gift shopping is usually an activity of leisure, there are moments you simply don’t have the time. If you find yourself panicking a few hours before you need to leave for a party, you should simply drop into one any one of these stores and walk out with the ideal gift.

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