Attention HR Teams: 5 Great Things You Can Accomplish with a Reward Voucher

Attention HR Teams: 5 Great Things You Can Accomplish with a Reward Voucher

The past year has been very difficult for organizations all over the planet. The world, having shut down has taken a dramatic toll on people’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Big offices have had to shut down and shift major amount of workforce to work from their homes.

This sudden shift in work habits, in tandem with the stress and worry about the ongoing pandemic has made a significant dent in working morale of company employees and staff. There is however, one way of fixing this. How about inculcating a sense of joy and optimism in their work by setting up various reward programs.

In the past, corporate rewards have been mostly physical gift cards that the companies presented to the employees in person. However, with the advent of the work from home culture, the paradigm of rewarding has shifted from physical copies of gift cards to online gift vouchers.

Gifting Companies like UNIQGIFT specialize in curating gift vouchers that your company can then issue to their staff at their own convenience, across multiple merchants.

Below you will find 5 suggestions that you can use to kick off your rewards program:

1. To encourage active creative participation, we suggest building a system inside your company that recognizes and rewards good ideas.

2. The world right now is in dire need of help. It is advisable to set up interesting reward programs for the employees that have gone out of their way, beyond their professional calling to volunteer to company-led charities.

3. More often than not, when one is running a company, repeated hurdles and roadblocks are an inevitable fight that the management has to regularly take up. In this situation, it could be a great idea to celebrate the individuals who develop solutions to these issues and help in the smooth running of the company.

4. Running a company can often be a daunting and unwieldy affair. That’s why we have different types of departments. And of course, it isn’t everyone’s responsibility to bring in new clients, but when this action is done unprompted, we believe, it shouldn’t go unrewarded. Not only does it highlight the types of proactive actions that we’d like to encourage, but also helps in growing morale as a whole.

5. The world is progressing at speeds that were unprecedented. Technologies and methodologies are changing every day. It is but natural that someone who started working on a certain kind of knowledge base, finds their niche skill obsolete in a few years when another technology develops. In situations such as these, it is a good idea to reward the people who take up voluntary training sessions to improve themselves and their skillsets for the company.


These are just a few examples of the various things that one can do to try and apply Digital Gift Cards rewards programs in their organizations. Companies such as UNIQGIFT are a great partner in this endeavor as the world tries to rebuild itself from the unexpected tragedy.

Top 8 Employee Activities That You Could Tie An Incentive To

Top 8 Employee Activities that You Could Tie An Incentive To

It’s a common occurrence when conversations about “incentivizing” employees and staff crop up, they are often misunderstood by the lay-person as a selfish, amoral, and gluttonous ways for companies to trick their hard-working workforce into doing more work for the company. Whereas, in fact the reality is completely different.

Simple Motivation Boosters

It has been found that your staff has a much easier time working and achieving short term and long-term goals by merely adding simple motivation boosters in forms of corporate rewards and gifts. And in this age of social distancing and remote working from home, the process has slowly been taking a turn towards the digital.

Various gifting solution companies like UNIQGIFT have made it very easy for companies to roll out flexible corporate gifts in the form of easy-to-access digital gift cards, which studies have shown, are the more preferred form of corporate rewards among employees.

In fact, below, you’ll find a list of 8 activities that one might incentivize to grow employee engagement and motivation:

1. New Ideas

Employees being proactive and coming up with interesting ideas for services or products that could be utilized to improve the company’s products.

2. Charity Work Outside of Working Hours

Incentivize employees and staff for giving up their personal time and going out into the world and undertaking charitable endeavors with causes that highlight the company’s values and principles.

3. Corporate Quizzes

Curating specialized quizzes focused around the company and its products is a great way to engage the employees while building their awareness about the more salient features of the organization and its values.

4. Fitness Challenges

Staying at home and working from your couch has given rise to many unhealthy habits. How about rewarding your staff for taking walks, attending the gym or undertaking various form of exercise? Apps like Strava allow you to keep track of your employees’ physical activities. This include Walking, Cycling, Swimming & more.

5. Staying Environmentally Friendly

Awards can be declared and set up in various aspects of everyday working habits to reduce waste and promote a more sustainable and environment friendly way of doing work.

6. Non-Sales Staffs

When it comes to corporate rewards, the sales team tends to be at the receiving end while the non-sales staff often goes unnoticed. How about setting up rewards for the non-sales staff which encourages them to bring in potential leads.

7. Warranties & Guarantees

More often than not, the products that are being sold often come with a set of warranties and guarantees. The sales of these warranties and guarantees is a prime point to focus on while drawing up rewards for selling more products.

8. Self-Improvement

However, in current times, where working remotely from home has become a Lastly, great corporate rewards can be put in place for self-improvement that will benefit the company for example, taking an online course to further study the tools of your trade.


Every project is different, and therefore, it is imperative that the rewards awarded for these endeavors are marked appropriate. Discharging electronic gift cards takes the hassle of building a price-appropriate gift package. Companies like UNIQGIFT are great at creating bespoke digital gift vouchers, that you can distribute among your staff as rewards.

With corporate gifting trends slowly shifting towards the digital platform, it’s a prime time to understand and inculcate digital gift packages in your company’s everyday functionality.

Digital Rewards: How The Practice of Engaging Your Employees Has Evolved

Digital Rewards: How The Practice of Engaging Your Employees Has Evolved

There is no denying that personal habits have unexpectedly had to evolve the world over in this past year. And there is a good reason too. This onslaught of the unexpected pandemic has made everyone all around the world reassess their day-to-day routine. Not just at an individual level, but also among the large corporates.

As per the latest research, 63.3 % companies in the US stated that retaining employees has become much harder than hiring them. Low employee engagement is costing companies more than $400 billion each year. A Gallup study has shown as to how highly engaged workplaces report 41% lower absenteeism and stand 21% more profitable for the business.

1. Digital Rewards are being used as a steady practice to engage employees.

Many companies have realised that in these times of ‘excess uncertainty’, it’s become more vital now than ever, to keep employee morale high. Corporate gifting is one such way of making sure that employees are motivated and incentivized.

2. ‘Digital gift’ – preferred mode by employees

However, according to recent research conducted, around 75% of the companies seem to still use physical gift cards that they present to the employees by hand, while 25% deliver it to their home address. However, a whopping 50% of the employees seem to prefer a simple online, digital gift card.

3. Easy. Quick. Instant reward for positive behaviour.

Online, electronic gift cards are convenient and easy to personalize. It is discovered that a degree of personalization is an important factor for the recipient.

And even from the perspective of employee psychology, digital gift cards hold great benefits, in terms of rewarding positive behavior. Studies have shown that it is best for rewards to be presented within 7 days of the behavior you want to be repeated.

4. Hassle-free gifting.

Articles and online resources can be found highlighting the major ongoing trends in terms of corporate gifting and the utilization of digital gift cards as a replacement to physical gift cards.

That is where various digital gift card companies like UNIQGIFT come in. These organizations take the drudgery and logistical hassle of curating gifts off of your hands while presenting the recipients with engaging gift cards.

5. Understanding purchasing habits

Gifting solution companies like UNIQGIFT and others not only make sure to curate interesting digital gifting packages, but also build a resource pool of information regarding your employees spending habits, to help curate better and better digital gift cards.

6. Logistic-free in times of remote operations

However, in current times, where working remotely from home has become a norm, it has become increasingly difficult to muster up the logistical resources to deliver physical gifts to the receivers. Not to mention, there is seldom guarantee that it will reach in time.

Moreover, in today’s competitive market place, employee engagement can either make or break the long term success of your company. Therefore, finding smart and creative ways to keep your employees motivated is an important cog in a company’s daily machinery and not something that should be done as an afterthought.

Hence, I think in the fast-changing world, where people are of the faith that things will get back to normal, some changes are most likely to be permanent. And, these shifting trends in corporate rewards and gifts do seem to be here to stay.

Opt for E vouchers in your rewards program: Never Get The Wrong Gift Anymore

Opt for E vouchers in your rewards program: Never Get The Wrong Gift Anymore

There are two types of people in every organisation. Some that are good at buying corporate gift and others that are not. We all know the type. It may be the reporting manager, friend or a colleague. These guys seem to have an uncanny knack for buying fits for people who are close to them. Or maybe the gifted person is you!

However, there are other times where this special ability stops being of use. Most of the times when you have to buy gifts as part of the rewards program for a large group of people, like the employee body of your company.

1. Personalizing gifts for EVERYONE in a large crowd?

There was a time when a company could dip for a generic gift and get it over with, but what if there was a way to gift large crowds of people and still have the gift be personal.

It’s impossible to gauge what a large crowd (consisting of multiple interest sets) will like. That’s where organizations like UNIQGIFT come in. They have adopted the process of corporate gift-giving and modified it to prevent corporate gifts from becoming soul-less expression of the company. This is done by creating digital gift cards.

Each employee can go onto redeem the voucher from their preferred retailer tied up with the voucher (fashion/ clothing/ books/ subscriptions, etc). So, stop worrying about getting the wrong gift anymore!

2. Digital gift cards – geared for the new era of remote WFH actually is.

A digital gift card, basically works exactly like your analog gift card that we’ve been used to all these years. Only difference is that it takes away the hassle of the physical transportation and the worry of it reaching the recipient in time.

A digital gift card is an online code that person A shared with the recipient over email. It’s geared perfectly for the new era of remote work-from-home!

This gift card, when engaged, sends a confirmation to an online store making it easy for your employees to activate it and avail its benefits.

3. THE USP of flexibility and validity

The validity of digital gift cards is longer than most gifts. Given busy schedules of professionals and lockdowns in Singapore, the flexibility to redeem the voucher almost anytime suits well.

4. Cementing bonds with employees and clients

The good people over at BBC recently published an article about how gift giving can impact the interpersonal relationships between the sender and the receiver.

The same principles that the article suggests for gifting to your near and dear ones can be successfully applied to corporate gifting, thereby cementing the bond not only between you and your employees, but also with your clients.

5. Hassle-free, one-click gift purchase process.

A further benefit of digital gift cards is the logistical hassle that it removes. No longer do you have to take time out of your busy work-schedule to undertake the process of curating gifts for your clients and employees.

Online voucher solutions like UNIQGIFT make it as easy as pressing one button. Not only is it instant, but also can be scheduled according to your requirements, opening up the day for you to get on with your work.

6. Smart gifting alternative in post-covid era

As this article suggests, digital gift cards are growing into a substantial gifting alternative in this post-covid world. Digital gift cards may soon be the key to building happy, healthy intimate bond between you and your employees.

So, go ahead and try digital gift cards this year. It will not only pave a path for better company-employee relationship but it will also clear up your time for more useful endeavors this holiday season.

At UNIQGIFT, we offer vouchers that are great as digital gifts. If you would like to find out how you can reward your employees for their hard work, enquire here.

E Vouchers Unfolded: What they are, how they work, and where to purchase them?

E Vouchers Unfolded: What they are, how they work, and where to purchase them?

It takes months to acquire a customer but just a second to lose his/her attention. Here’s how to be the golden egg that doesn’t crack up.

It’s a time where ‘time’ is one of the most precious commodities for people. Not everyone is ready, or able to spend a lot of it on the quest for the perfect present.

Luckily for us, we live in an era where E-vouchers in Singapore offer up an ideal alternative.

1. Answering the what : Understanding the basic attributes of the global phenomenon

With everything around making the jump online, from food and furniture to fashion; there’s no denying that we live in a fast-paced digital world. It should come as no real revelation to see gifting take the same route.

We saw people leap from physical gifts to gift vouchers in Singapore over the last decade. The trend surfaced as a boon to the unsure shoppers out there who were strapped for both time and ideas.

E-Vouchers in Singapore simply take you up to another step on the ladder. Put in the simplest terms, it’s a gift delivered to you electronically. Instead of the physical presence or representation of a present, you are presented the value of a gift digitally.

2. Answering the How: Figure out the steps to using an E voucher

The trends of financial transactions are constantly fluctuating and evolving. We’ve moved from the barter system to coins, to paper and finally to plastic. Our latest pit stop is in the land of online transactions.

It’s common if you find yourself on the receiving end of an E-voucher in Singapore and choose to recover your gift in person.

All you need is:

• Present your phone with SMS or via E-mail. If you can’t, a picture of the same that holds the value of your chosen purchase should work just as well. Some stores might require you to carry a printed copy. If such specific instructions exist, you receive them via mail or the number you provided.

• The alternative is navigating through the entire transaction online. You can peruse through your presents online from the selected sites or services. Once you pick one, all you will need is enter in the PIN or identification number on your E-voucher.

• And voila. The gift is yours.

3. Figuring out the where: answering any questions about access and availability

Sounds like something you might be interested in?

If you’re looking for E-voucher in Singapore, don’t fret. We can guarantee you that you’re going to be spoiled for choice. But, be careful not to get lost in the noise.

Work according to your needs, or the demands of your employers. Whatever fits the bill.

There are several options. On one hand, there are platforms like UNIQGIFT, Wogi. They can provide vouchers that are valid in close to five hundred retail stores across the country. If, however, you have something more tailored on your mind. A lot of industry-specific stores like Sephora and Zarlora offer E-vouchers and gift cards too.

We know that anything new can be confusing and intimidating at first. As a result, people are often reluctant to dive straight in. We hope that after wading through the metaphorical waters, you’ve found the answer to any questions you might have when it comes to E-vouchers in Singapore.

With Advertising Clutter, here are 3 strategies to grab your customers’ attention

With Advertising Clutter, here are 3 strategies to grab your customers’ attention

It takes months to acquire a customer but just a second to lose his/her attention. Here’s how to be the golden egg that doesn’t crack up.

The playing field is getting flooded by the second. The web is constantly hustling and bustling with a ton of competing brands, content and aggressive attempts by each brand to woo customers. New advancements in technology have definitely driven business, but they have also brought in a new challenge.

The customer is constantly hooked onto his phone or laptop – even more so during the pandemic. Online traffic has surged, and so has the frequency at which the consumer scrolls across different social media feeds.

He shuffles between 3 sites in a minute – tuning in and out. Amidst this crooning clutter, the challenge to capture the customer’s attention is further aggravated.

Traditional advertising with vanilla offers and couponing is taking a hit. Why so? There are way too many of them, and few have managed to reach the customer or catch his/her attention. Studies show that a personalised experience drives 48% of customers to spend more. The world has moved far ahead of the native email automation customisation like “Hi Longhao Liu”.

So how does one exactly personalize for the billions of prospective customers on the web? How does one stand out from the advertising clutter and drive sales?

Here are 3 effective strategies that will help break through the din.

1. Rewarding Customers: The Gift Card Gala

Incentivising customers is crucial. Why else would they be encouraged to come back to a brand? One has to constantly provide them with ‘an exciting reward’ to catch their fickle eyes.

In the eyes of a customer, gift cards are a valuable and practical deal. Good deals catch the gaze of all!

The customer can purchase his desired item over a comfortably long validity period, helping him to have a better image association with your brand. In this way, gift cards not only catch customer attention but also help establish customer retention.

During social distancing and lockdown norms, going digital is the recommended route. As per’s survey, electronic gift cards are being consumed more – especially by millennials. The choices for online vouchers pan across a multitude of categories like electronics, clothing, beauty, e-books, subscriptions, etc.

UNIQGIFT e vouchers are equivalent to gift cards which are flexible and widely-acceptable. They are not only accepted in over 450 retail outlets in Singapore but also extremely simple to use.

2. Make your brand relevant in today’s time: Information that holds value

In the wake of the pandemic, customer behaviours have drastically changed. They have formed new routines, apprehensions, and priorities. It’s important to make sure your product or service adapts to the new behaviours of the customers by offering real value.

Present value-added information with context to the new era. For instance, if you own a salon business, is your staff sanitising all the equipment for a customer’s hairstyling session? If you have a jewellery brand, could you do a video tour for customers looking to purchase jewellery from the comfort of his home?

Present information that matters across your marketing and advertising campaigns through explainer videos or images. This sort of personalisation tells the customer that you genuinely care.

3. Building positive ORM

Word spreads like fire in the digital world. It’s all a close-knit cycle. Hashtags trends and even falter. A stream of negative comments or unanswered complaints on your Facebook post can drive customers away.

It’s important that customers see your business in a positive light through positive reviews, Facebook comments, blogs, and more. Conducting regular and fun campaigns on social media is great way to keep customers engaged with your brand. You can run contests that offer rewards like gift cards.

You can share engaging content, stories, and blogs that increase the subscriber base of your business account. Training your customer service and social media teams to address complaints 24/7 (and resolve them too) is a great way to personalise the customer experience.

Having an organic high follower count can ensure that customers are in constant touch with your brand.

The worldwide web is full of constant updates, brand campaigns and salesmen. In this light, it becomes ever important to ensure your campaigns can cut through the clutter. UNIQGIFT offers smart e voucher gift solutions that can contribute to making your campaigns a more attractive one.

Speak to one of our representatives to find out more about our attractive product offerings. Enquire here.

The 6 Best Places for Gifts in Singapore

The 6 Best Places for Gifts in Singapore


For some, it is the act that brings peace to their day, and happiness to their lives.

For someone else; it can bring a boatload of stress. After all, you never want to be left standing with a gift you aren’t sure will be well received. Right?

If you find yourself in one of the below:

• In the mood to enter the shopping scene in Singapore – simply to browse or buy something for yourself.

• Or, if you’re on the online check out page for a digital gift for a friend.

There are a few spots that you simply cannot afford to miss.

1. Toys R Us – Gifting for kids

A place that needs no real introduction! Toys R Us stands in Singapore as the magical one stop shop for children’s gifts.

They offer up everything from educational and skill building toys, to Hot Wheels, Nerf guns and Lego sets. The store is stocked with every brand you could imagine. It’s almost guaranteed you’re not going to leave from here empty handed.

2. Books Actually – for every booklover

If you find yourself buying for a bookworm, Books Actually simply must be on your shopping road map. It is the promised land for every book lover. It offers the most extensive collection of English writings in Singapore. The works encompass both local and international writers.

The store offers a comfortable atmosphere where you can get lost for hours pursuing through your favourite titles. The charming store stands as ground zero for a host of literary events spaced throughout the year.

An E voucher in Singapore granting attendance for the same can be the perfect present for one of your more bookish acquaintances.

3. Royce – soak into heavenly chocolater

Shopping, at times, can be a physically and emotionally draining experience. And nothing works like a pick me up better than chocolate. Once chocolate is on your mind, Royce is the place you must hit.

Reining in Singapore for over two decades, Royce offers nutty, fruity and mocha chocolate bars. Their pure chocolate, petite truffle and aromatic cacao simply cannot be passed over.

If you’ve got a friend who’s always up for something fun and experimental, this is your spot to pick their gift. Treat them to the tempting collection chocolate wafers, cookies and popcorn via a digital gift.

4. Chinatown Heritage Centre – bring home culture

Everyone knows Singapore is home to a melting pot of cultures. Each country has its own corner. If you’re in the mood to bring home a symbol of Chinese culture, a place you need to step into is the Chinatown Heritage Centre.

A visit here offers up the chance to truly immerse yourself in the history and transport yourself through the culture of the country. You will even manage to bag a few bargains among the shops here.

5. Shinnpark – the pop-culture abode.

If you’re not someone for mass produced pop culture products, you’re going to want to take a pit stop at Shinnpark during your shopping spree. Home to a few brands, the quaint little shop offers up unique trinkets.

The place offers everything from puzzles and night lights, to keep cups and cushion covers. Don’t forget to grab an E voucher in Singapore from them for one of your more eccentric friends.

6. Monoyono – all it takes to make a house into a home

If you or someone you know is in the process of making their new house into a home, a visit to Monoyono is a must. The chic rustic chain houses a variety of goodies including home décor, cooking accessories, wall hangings and more.

It’s a melange of cute and fashion forward. Once you walk in, you’re almost guaranteed to walk out with things you didn’t even know you wanted for yourself or someone else.

While gift shopping is usually an activity of leisure, there are moments you simply don’t have the time. If you find yourself panicking a few hours before you need to leave for a party, you should simply drop into one any one of these stores and walk out with the ideal gift.

At UNIQGIFT, we offer e gift vouchers that will help to drive your employee rewards program. If you would like to find out how you can reward your employees for their hard work, enquire here.

New Year Series: Top 10 Gift Ideas For Your Employees

New Year Series: Top 10 Gift Ideas For Your Employeest Cards to Improve Customer Loyalty

It’s almost that time of the year again. We are nearing this year’s finish line amidst unexpected business challenges and uncertainties. And every company is looking back and gauging the year’s turnover. The silver lining though is that it’s also officially time for presents. This year’s New Year presents are different. It’s not just a box of cookies or a wine.

Stress levels among employees have drastically increased during the pandemic. It’s a time to make employees feel special and reward them for their dedication, hardwork and perseverance towards your business goals. A gift which can boost productivity and motivation levels is a game changer.

And if you’re still drawing a blank on what to add to that shopping list, we’ve got some ideas for some valuable gifts your employees are sure to appreciate.

1. Audible One-Month Subscription / Books: For the book lovers in the workspace

Anybody who loves reading will testify to the fact that ‘there is no such thing as too many books’. And there is no wrong time to present them as presents!

There’s no doubt that book lovers will be smitten by a new book to launch them into the year. Since we live in the digital age, a subscription to audiobooks through a gift voucher in Singapore is a perfect pick.

Catching a small snippet amidst a coffee break is pure bliss!

2. Astrology Books: For the future seers out there

The one thing we know for certain today is that nobody has seen what tomorrow will bring. One can be fired from a job, or suffer a pay cut.

There are a few, however, that believe that there is a way to obtain a sneak peek. If your employees appreciate the road maps that books on star signs offer, a complete set of astrology books for the new year should be greatly appreciated.

3. Diaries/ Planners: To plan career paths in the new year

What’s a new year without a new goal in the face of a New Year resolution? A smart way to help your employees meet that goal is by offering them a few key tools.

A diary or planner at the start of the year will help keep track of where the time in the day and days of the week pass. Thus, aiding your employees in staying true to their course.

4. Digital photo frames for the work desk

One of the eternal complaints of hard-working employees is the quandary of how to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Offering a solution of sorts, photographs on the work desk provide the illusion that loved ones are with you all the time. Digital photo frames allow the option of adding in a multitude of family photos or pictures taken over the Christmas holidays.

5. Personalised stationery: For those last-minute scribbles

No office space is complete without a splatter of note pads, pens and random pieces of paper. After all, you never really know when you’re going to need to jot something down.

Stationary is one of the most practical gifts you can offer your employees. Adding in that personal touch goes a long way into showing awareness and appreciation for your team.

6. Scented Candles: Soothe those busy nerves

There’s no denying that we live in stressful times. 25% of employees see their job as the primary source of stress. And nothing works as fast or as well as the calming wafts of a delicately scented candle.

We’re sure no one can ever object to a room smelling fine. It is the perfect element to put employees in a good mood.

7. Access to copious amounts of coffee: thrill the caffeine connoisseurs

A subscription to an annual coffee gift box will be considered a Godsend by the non-morning workers out there. An E-voucher in Singapore should guarantee your employees a month or years surprise of some of the most flavoursome coffee the world can offer, delivered right to their doorstep.


8. A Cooking Class: a chance to get creative in the kitchen

65% employees have reported increased work stress during the pandemic. Encouraging hobbies among employees is very important to keep them focussed and motivated at work.

Cooking as an activity is akin to therapy by some. It is used as a method to unwind after a busy day at work by many others.

So, it’s safe to assume that a gift voucher in Singapore to a cooking or baking class offering to teach a new skill or cuisine will be very well received and appreciated by your employees.

9. Decorative Desk Plants: add a dash of charm

It might be fair to say your workspace is not the most exciting place to look at here. Employees might appreciate the opportunity to give the area a little character through some natural or artificial indoor plants.

10. Noise Cancelling Earphones: Get in the zone

No one will ever say no to some good quality earphones. While air pods are all the rage right now, there’s more to unleash. It’s safe to say anything that would drown out the office hubbub will be well received. If you’re not sure, a simple E -voucher in Singapore should allow your employees to pick one that suits their needs and tastes best.

Finding the right gift can be taxing at times. However, skimming through this list should offer some insight and innovative ideas.

At UNIQGIFT, we offer leading online vouchers that help to drive your employee rewards program. If you would like to find out more, enquire here.

Top 5 Gifting Occasions in Singapore – All Year Round

Top 5 Gifting Occasions in Singapore – All Year Round

‘A tradition as old as time itself.’

The act of giving gifts has been a part of us since mankind first walked the earth. Sure, the types of gifts have evolved over the years. However, the unbridled joy that comes from ripping open a present remains constant. No matter who you are, how old you are, or even where you’re from – gifts are always a happy and welcome occurrence.

Now, this stands true. But there is a ‘but’. Giving gifts, even though fun, can also be a little stress-inducing at times. After all, everyone wants to give the perfect gift. There are a few truly gifted people who excel at picking the perfect gift for every occasion. The rest of us mere mortals and often fail at the test. Luckily, gift vouchers are here to solve the problem of gift selection.

So, what are 5 main moments you might find yourself reaching for that wrapping paper in Singapore?

1. Spring Festival’s good fortune

Singapore is almost synonymous with its grand celebrations to bring in the Chinese New Year between the end of January and beginning of February each year.

The first day of festivities is commonly known as the Spring Festival. The first course of action for most people celebrating in Singapore is cleaning out the house.

It symbolizes saying goodbye to the bad fortune of the past and making space for the promise that tomorrow brings. After that, the New Year cheer and celebration is spread over a fortnight. The Chinese choose to spend it meeting loved ones.

They often bring gifts with them. In the absence of which you might see them exchange gift vouchers in red envelopes.

This one’s coming up soon – Mark it on your calendar!

2. Pongal Festivities

It should come as no surprise to spot this event on the list. Singapore is after all home to a large Indian population. And so at the start of every year, Singapore sees the celebration of the South Indian festival.

The community comes alive to give thanks to the Sun God. They celebrate with dancing, colour, and competitions. People who partake choose to wear new clothes to mark the festival and even trade gifts with friends and loved ones.

FYI: It’s absolutely casual to receive minimum 5-7 mouth-watering Indian sweet gift boxes during this time.

3. Hari Raya Puasa Celebrations

After the halfway point of the year, the Malay community in Singapore has a very exciting reason to celebrate. It’s time for the festival the world knows as Eid Ul Fitr. A celebration to mark the end of Ramadan, the celebrations light up the streets with activity and enjoyment.

The Malayans rejoice with family feasts to which they turn up while wearing the best they have. Visits to homes of family and loved ones are usually accompanied by a gift or token of some kind.

4. Diwali

The festival of lights, celebrated all over the world by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and others. Since a large percent of them call Singapore their home, Diwali is celebrated in a big way here. The cultural significance of the festival is in honoring the victory of good over evil and light over darkness.

People bring the festival in with colour, lights, sweets, and new clothes. Family and friends meet and exchange sweets, good wishes, and of course gifts. If you’re invited to participate, it is best to not arrive empty-handed. If you’re unsure about what fits the bill. An E-voucher in Singapore is a smart and safe option.

UNIQGIFT E Vouchers in Singapore offer widely-acceptable gift vouchers to suit multiple tastes and interests right from shopping to dining. They are accepted in over 450 retail outlets in Singapore.

5. Evergreen Christmas

We’re already hearing this season’s bells.

It’s no secret that the world awaits for Christmas morning. When everyone can wake up and tear into their presents that lie under the Christmas tree, or in stockings in the house. Singapore is no exception to this rule. The 25th of December sees Singaporeans across the country wake up in anticipation. The days leading up to Christmas are often filled with a gift-buying frenzy. If you find you’ve missed the bell and have hit the shops too late, there’s no reason to fret. Gift vouchers in Singapore will always save the day.

Singapore truly is a melting pot of cultures. People from all over the world have filtered in and call the country their home today. With its colourful collection of cultures, there is always a reason to celebrate in the country. Which in turn means there’s never a wrong time for giving gifts and gift vouchers in Singapore.

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6 Ways You Can Use Gift Cards to Improve Customer Loyalty

6 Ways You Can Use Gift Cards to Improve Customer Loyalty

Ever heard the saying that customers are like teeth. If you don’t take care of them, they go away – one by one.

Kudos! You’ve done a great job at customer acquisition. You’ve spent plenty of annual budgets, effort and time to do so.

Now, the bigger step is to retain your hard-earned customer. Sustainability in a business is derived through customer retention.

As per a Bain & Company insight, an increase of 5% in customer retention leads to considerable profits by 25%-95%.

Customer retention is usually more cost-effective than customer acquisition as it is almost 6-7 times cheaper. But having read this statistic, don’t sit down. Retaining the customer involves creating firm and steady customer loyalty through dynamic, creative and strategic planning.

Establishing the bond of trust and loyalty between the customer and brand is kaleidoscopic in nature. It involves offering valuable incentives to your customers. If you think it through, everyone loves a useful gift.

And how do you give a useful gift to your customer?

The truth is that you can never pinpoint what exactly does your customer need. However, an e gift card which can be redeemed to purchase what is of use to them helps build brand loyalty. The customer remains encouraged to stay connected with your brand to earn the gift cards.

Going forward, he purchases items of value and use. It subtly reminds him that the brand helped him get him his item of value. There you go – your brand has successfully made a place in his heart and he will keep coming back to you.

In a research study by U.S. Prepaid Consumer Insights, 68% of customers stated gift cards to be their most preferred incentive type – even above bonuses and coupons.

So, how exactly can gift cards be used? Let’s dive in to find out the proven ways.

1. Begin by delivering a human touch to gift cards

Gift cards need to hold a human touch. They need to deliver a human experience in order to be memorable and useful for the customer. There are a few points to ensure this.

– Duration Matters. Gift cards need to be convenient. Short redeemable windows (say, 1 month validity) actually add pressure onto the customer to redeem it. Gift cards with longer validity (say, 1 year) deliver more convenience and help the customer to buy an item of genuine use.

– Date matters. The occasion to hand over a gift card needs to matter to the customer. Is it an anniversary, or a promotion?

– Digital geography matters. Widely-accepted gift cards across multiple retail outlets offer variety to the customer. We all love to see many options before making our final purchase, isn’t it?

For instance, UNIQGIFT E vouchers Singapore are not only accepted in over 450 retail outlets but also extremely simple to use.

2. Gifting on seasons and festivals strikes chords

Remember when you and your entire family wore matching Christmas sweaters? Or, when you and your sister got all decked up for that Black Friday sale or Singapore Day Sale.

Plugging e-gift cards into customer loyalty programs has to hit the bull’s emotion and not the bull’s eye. We all are engrossed in work every day. Festivals and seasons encourage us to meet our loved ones and celebrate moments together. The end result – we end up creating beautiful and lasting memories.

Handing out fun and useful gift cards on such occasions can leave a lasting memory in the customer’s mind. It helps instil customer engagement with the brand.

Offering e-gift cards on their anniversaries and birthdays is a way to make it memorable. Pick gift cards that cover a wide range of retail outlets.
In addition, there are sports’ seasons right from World Cups Finals to opening games.

These create a lot of fanfare among customers. Giving out gift cards linked to these events helps fans identify with the brand.

Also during season time, corporates tend to earn discounts from the purchase of bulk online vouchers for their staff.

3. Design the ‘best’ deal that is too irresistible to ignore

In just about every category, customers have a myriad of options to pick from. Complementing gift cards along with other incentives sends the message that ‘this is the best deal you could get.’

So, how to give the best deal?

• Make it large. Club gift vouchers with discount coupons, promo codes or reward points. Sephora has done this in the past. This is viewed as a wholesome bumper discount by your customer.

• Design touchpoints wherein they can redeem a higher percentage. Say, redeeming an extra 15% if the gift card is swiped in the physical store.

4. Expansion of customer base through partnerships

Sealing on a mutually-beneficial association is a win-win. Subaru gave $100 Merrell gift cards to all those who took a test drive of the Subaru. This led to drive traffic to Subaru’s dealerships.

Partnering with similar-sized (non-competing) brands can work beneficial in two ways:

– Giving gift cards to the other brand can help expand the customer base for both.

– Cross-promotion can help achieve discounted prices for customers.

The end result – everyone wins.

Another indirect route is through Amazon. The Amazon Incentives Program provides gift cards. If your brand is on Amazon, this can be a brownie of a benefit.

5. Give Digital gift-cards to stay connected with fans – and make new ones

It is no surprise that online traffic has globally surged with social distancing and lockdown norms. People are constantly active on their social media accounts.

This makes it the best time to run contests and expand your fan base. Contest rules can ask people to use the campaign hashtag as well as follow the brand page.

And using gift cards as rewards for the winners will go a long way.

You’ve digitally earned new followers who are connected to your brand. You can constantly share new updates, products and services with them.

6. Say sorry with a ‘gift card’

Customer complaints are a part and parcel. Resolving issues, doubts and complaints are the core strength of every brand’s customer service.

Going a step further by giving a gift card to apologise for the inconvenience caused makes your customer realise that – mistakes happen. The important part is that your brand did its best to resolve it.

Last but not the least, it is important to know that e vouchers have more power than ever. With people spending a lot of time at home and avoiding gatherings, digital gift cards deliver convenience. The customer can make a purchase simply by a few clicks.

After all, delivering convenience is a brand’s key element to establish customer loyalty and retention.

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3 proven ways to increase employee well-being

3 proven ways to increase employee well-being

Let them know that ‘you care’, so that they can care for your business.

It is true – our lives are re-routed around our work. We plan play dates with our children after we have finished that business meeting. We cook a lavish turkey after sending out that year-end report. In short, we are inseparable from our work.

Until recently, employee well-being was under-valued. This obviously caused quick resignations with businesses having to spend time and resources to recruit new staff and train them up – causing a productivity drain on the business. Studies report that workplace stress alone can cost organisations up to $300 billion a year.

So, what does employee well-being entail?

Employee well-being gauges how your job affects your happiness and health. It is a well-being measure that measures how your scope of work, stress levels, office culture, colleagues influence your overall health in terms of the below parameters:

• Mental well-being
• Physical wellbeing
• Safety in one’s occupation
• Satisfaction level

A report by the American Psychological Association showcases that employees recommend their company as a good place to work if they see that well-being initiatives are in place. With the current lockdown, businesses have come to value how important an employee and his/her well-being is.

In Singapore, attempts by HR teams to increase employee well-being aren’t a silo-approach. They aim to incorporate well-being into an organisations’ culture: right from rewarding employees through gift vouchers, promotions and other positive gestures, making improvement tools accessible, focusing on work-life balance, permitting maternal leaves and staycations, working on active lifestyles or holding timely one-on-one review meetings.

Let’s dive into the 3 most-effective and proven ways to increase employee well-being.

#1 Reward your teams to scale motivation levels

We loved that medal bagged after winning the school relay race. We loved it when our spouse complimented us for that berry-licious breakfast we made. It is an undeniable fact that the human mind loves rewards. Rewards help one stay motivated.

Employee well-being requires a constant motivator. Rewards work as a catalyst. Here are a few ideas that can touch teams as well as show them that you value their well-being.

Festive salary bonuses on Christmas or National Day so employees can purchase gifts for their loved ones across many different merchants.

Digital gifts are timeless in comparison to cliché corporate gifts like pens and cutlery. E-gift cards that are accepted across retail outlets such as UNIQGIFT e vouchers are practical gifts. The employee can conveniently purchase what he really needs and wants.

Drinks and dinner on the house to celebrate successful business pitches. This also helps in team-bonding while establishing a friendly atmosphere. You can research and pick Singapore pubs offering Happy Hours to ensure a cost-efficient celebration.

• Firmly incorporate the concept of recognition into the company culture.

#2 Encourage exercise to build healthier employees

Sitting on the desk has given rise to the unhealthy ‘sedentary lifestyle’. We tend to work, sip tea, attend zoom calls, make pitches – all from a desk or sofa. Being unhealthy and unfit may affect a person’s productivity in the long run.

The body needs movement and appropriate blood flow to feel upbeat. Encourage your teams to exercise and keep fit together. For instance, you can consider holding step challenges where those who clocked in more workouts or steps would be entitled to receive certain rewards like online vouchers. You could even hold weekly exercise sessions over Zoom or Teams with your team.

#3 As a leader, press the ‘allow’ button to prevent staff burnouts

Why is it so difficult to sometimes hit ‘allow’?

An employee may want a day off to spend time with their children, for special family occasions, or even just to spend time being alone and free from work.

Evaluate your employees’ previous performance and their contributions to the organisation. You will realise that most of them have been working extremely hard. Giving them the freedom and required break time helps them know that you value their well-being too.

Well-rested employees will come back and be more productive than if they were burnt out.

The well-being of your employees matter. They are an asset to your organisation. Their well-being is as important as the well-being of the business.

We’d look forward to hearing your thoughts on employee well-being and steps taken by your firm to ensure that it is given its due.

At UNIQGIFT, we offer attractive gift vouchers in Singapore that help to boost your customer loyalty programmes.

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Top 5 New-Age Customer Retention Strategies to Scale your Business

Top 5 New-Age Customer Retention Strategies to Scale your Business

Begin by undoing the old customer retention strategies.

This pandemic has certainly given birth to the ‘new’ customer. This customer has adopted new routines, lifestyles, priorities and has built new plans to move ahead in life.

Frankly put – you’ll need to undo your previous customer retention strategies that may have worked for your business in the past.

So, what exactly do we mean by customer retention?

The start point of any customer retention strategy begins when the customer comes into contact with the brand. The aim is to build this relationship across generations.

It can be done by developing a new understanding, revamping the rewarding model to establish customer loyalty, boosting customer service and other strategies which we will explore below. Gifting e vouchers in Singapore is one of them.

Simply put, the aim is to reduce customer defections through retention programs or activities. Customer retention strategies aim to maintain the loyalty, trust and commitment of the customer towards the brand.

Next, let’s look into the ‘why’.

Why is customer retention as important as customer acquisition?

1. Customer retention is timesaving

The job to acquire the customer has been done. Huge budgets spent during customer acquisition campaigns have already yielded a customer base.

You need not spend more time or budgets on conversion. All efforts have to be directed towards marketing to people who have already shown interest in the product through the value of your product, marketing and advertising.

As per Bain & Company studies, customer retention offers more sustainability to business in comparison to customer acquisition. Profits in the range of 25% – 95% are seen in response to an increase of 5% in customer retention.

2. It’s Cheaper

Customer retention also proves to be more cost-effective for any firm. It costs roughly seven times lesser than customer acquisition.

Let’s dive into the top 5 customer retention strategies that make your customer happy and influence business growth.

#1 The new understanding: get to know your new customer

It can almost seem like your customer’s behaviours have changed overnight. He has new pain points, new anxieties, new concerns, new ways of finding entertainment and new priorities.

Based on your industry type, design your retention strategy by asking questions that matter. Some examples are:

• Is your customer planning his/her grocery orders in advance rather than buying on-demand?
• Is he buying in bulk?
• Is he concerned about the safety of public transport?
• Is your customer still struggling to balance work, kids, pets and the home?
• Is your customer spending more time on his mobile phone?
• Are people buying more insurance policies?

#2 Develop value-based customer marketing

Once you have the data of the newly shaped customer in this pandemic era, you need to put marketing and advertising strategies in place. What kind of strategies are we talking about? Only ones that offer real value to your customers.

Imagine that you own a bakery. In the current time, your typical customer may be anxious to travel on public transport or struggle to find the time to physically come to your store due to his new work-from-home schedule.

Assess if you can work out a home-delivery model to make it more convenient for customers to purchase your baked goods.

This way, you can influence the customer’s trust, commitment and brand affinity.

#3 Revamped rewarding to establish customer loyalty

Why should your customer return to you?
There needs to be constant encouragement from brands to excite customers to return to them. It is estimated that 32% customers enjoy loyalty programmes as a way to return to the brand. For example, leveraging E vouchers in Singapore.

The next question that you may ask would be ‘But wouldn’t that increase my business’ overhead expenses?’

Here are some ways in which loyalty programmes can be done in a cost-effective manner, and in fact boost profits.

• Queues can kill. Offer quick VIP access to the store when there is a sale.

• Tie up with partners to give out e-vouchers and gift vouchers of your brand. For instance, UNIQGIFT gift vouchers are simple to use and accepted at over 450 retail outlets in Singapore.

• Insider rewards like member-only event invites

• Introduce brand communities. One example would be Nike. It launched a concept store just for its NikePlus members.

#4 Customer service geared towards convenience and knowledge-delivery

Inaccessible and bad customer service may drive customers away.
With social distancing norms in place, people are preferring to get the job done through their mobile phones or online means.

In this light, customer service needs to re-shape. Convenience and knowledge are extremely important for any customer today.

Train your customer service staff to upgrade. For instance, you can train your staff to answer queries through live chat functions that can be installed on your websites.

Furthermore, you can also update your customers through social media posts about what new measures your company has taken to ensure quality customer service even through the pandemic times.

#5 Re-position your product standing in context to customer pain points

Promoting your product isn’t enough. You need to re-position it by marking out your product and brand’s Unique Selling Points (USPs). For instance, if your company sells cushions, you can position the product as a solution to the common back pain experienced by many people who are working from home without quality chairs.

You need to ensure that your customer’s journey with the brand is made special. Let them know that you care for them – and they would return to you.

At UNIQGIFT, we offer attractive gift vouchers in Singapore that help to boost your customer loyalty programmes. If you would like to find out more, enquire here.

Blue Collar Workers need recognition too: Here are 6 Rewards Ideas

Blue Collar Workers need recognition too: Here are 6 Rewards Ideas

Manual labor can be such an undervalued form of work, and yet, it is hardly an easy task. Employers need to make the extra effort to recognize what they do and their value to the company so that they do not feel underappreciated.

Here are 6 awesome rewards ideas to show how much you appreciate them!

1. Care for their Wellbeing

The best gift to blue collar workers is allowing them to unwind from menial labor, while also ensuring their physical fitness does not take a toll.

You can gift e vouchers or digital vouchers that enable them to redeem physical fitness equipment, outfits, or massaging services.

2. Wellness, Supplements, Nutrition

Furthermore, this can be tied in with nutrition, physical health, and wellness. Guardian, Pure and Well, and Holland and Barrett are just some examples of wellness and supplement stores that can satisfy your employee’s need to ensure their health is optimal.

3. Healthy Food

Food provides your employees with energy to get them through the day, and we are what we eat. This is why food is so important and what your employees consume should be prioritized. UNIQGIFT gift vouchers Singapore and online vouchers provide just the perfect reward for them!

Out of all our partner merchants available on our vouchers, more than 45 merchants are restaurants or food-related retailers, and there are also tons of healthier options among them.

4. Sweet Treats

Of course, rewarding employees should also involve allowing them to give in to cheat days and sweet treats, such as ice cream, frozen yoghurt, or bubble tea!

With UNIQGIFT, your employees get to choose from a wide variety of decadent desserts as well. There is the famous Gong Cha, Llao Llao, Dunkin Donuts, Swensen’s and Andersen’s Ice Cream. This will definitely satisfy any of your employee’s cravings!

5. Cafe Hunting

Singapore has a very strong & vibrant food culture. Over the last few years, the café scene has bloomed, and many Singaporeans are hanging out at cafes every weekend.

The perfect way of expressing appreciation and giving recognition to your employees is giving them gift vouchers or online vouchers so they can enjoy a cup of coffee or a delicious cake to relieve all the stress from the day. A great change of pace for blue collar workers would be to sit back and relax.

6. Entertainment

Grinding day in and day out will burn anyone out. Intense manual labor will stress one’s body out over the long-term. Therefore, a great way to reward your workers would be by providing them with some entertainment, to let loose. UNIQGIFT e vouchers Singapore will enable employees to enjoy karaoke sessions with their loved ones and friends!

What’s more, these vouchers could be gifted to various teams or groups of your workers, and they can organize their own karaoke singing contest or an easy-going jamming session with colleagues to build rapport!

If you are looking to reward your employees with gift vouchers in Singapore, contact us today!

Digital Vouchers Are Here But Will Physical Gift Vouchers Still Be Around?

Digital Vouchers Are Here But Will Physical Gift Vouchers Still Be Around?

Many are increasingly cognisant of the fact that monetary rewards or cold-hard cash are no longer good answers for expressing care and appreciation. Whether it is to make your employees feel valued or to reward clients, forget monetary rewards, and incentivize them gift vouchers in Singapore instead!

This is because research has proven, time and time again, that monetary incentives and cash rewards are impersonal and are just not the best gifts to show people you truly care. Monetary incentives do not motivate employees or make them perform better. In fact, they can even backfire on motivation and performance.

To read more about how to improve your employee recognition programs, do check out our article on employee recognition ideas.

Statistics That You Need to know

Now that we know vouchers are a much better alternative to cash, let’s attempt to answer the question of whether digital or physical vouchers are better.

According to Statista, in 2014, 16 billion digital coupons were redeemed. And this figure is expected to grow to 31 billion online coupons in 2019.

Furthermore, experts claim that most people would redeem vouchers online via their mobile phones or smartphones. Juniper Research reported that there will be a 94% increase in digital coupon redemption by 2022.

This means that digital redemptions will account for nearly 80% of all coupon redemptions by 2022.

What does this mean for gift vouchers in singapore?

These statistics reflect the growing trend of E voucher adoption. Compared to Physical Vouchers, E vouchers in Singapore are definitely much more convenient to distribute and to redeem.

With E vouchers, distribution of these gift vouchers to your staff or clients in Singapore can be done seamlessly through email or SMS.

On the other hand, physical vouchers would require expensive secure mailing processes like registered mail or involve long man-hours packing and distributing the vouchers to your staff or clients.

With regards to redemption, your recipients can use our StayHome E vouchers and redeem conveniently in the comfort of their own home.

Our UNIQGIFT E vouchers would also need just a few taps on your smartphone, and you will be able to use it at our partner merchants. In an age where the nation is moving towards digitalisation, E vouchers seem like the way forward.

The Trend

However, not every segment of the population may be inclined to get E vouchers. In Singapore, it is expected that the older generations, like the elderly population, would be more inclined to receive physical gift vouchers and find them more convenient.

With the younger generation becoming increasingly tech-savvy, many would prefer to receive and give E vouchers instead of physical vouchers. This will spell the end of physical vouchers in the future as the nation and its people become more and more intertwined in the world of technology.

Noting this trend and benefits of E vouchers, HR and Marketing Teams should also embrace the new way forward of shifting to E vouchers instead of Physical Vouchers to enhance the efficiency of the distribution processes. The convenience offered by E vouchers will save precious man-hours that can be used to do other more valuable tasks in the organisation.

If you are looking to reward your employees and customers seamlessly,

Contact us here & learn how our gift vouchers in Singapore can complement your reward programs. Get started today.

We Are Accepted At All Shell Stations Islandwide

We Are Accepted At All Shell Stations Islandwide

What can be more practical than the gift of fuel? Our vouchers have become more practical than ever with our new partnership with Shell

Now, you can redeem your UNIQGIFT E-voucher or Physical Voucher at any Shell Station in Singapore.  

Head down to the nearest Shell Station today to use your UNIQGIFT E-vouchers or Physical vouchers to fill up your car’s fuel tank and get a quick snack while you’re at it.  

*Our vouchers are valid for Shell Fuel and Shell Select convenience store items. They are not valid at Shell Autoserv outlets and Shell Car Wash.  

5 Reasons Why Customer Retention should be a Top Priority & How to Retain Them

5 Reasons Why Customer Retention should be a Top Priority & How to Retain Them

Customer retention may not be at the heart of many businesses in Singapore; it is often the case that business owners think that customers are just out to get the cheapest deals, without paying much attention to loyalty or sticking to a particular company for their needs.

Thus, not much has been done to ensure loyal customers come back again and again. This is such a shame because there are a plethora of reasons why customer retention should be at the front of every business owner’s mind.

Here, we have compiled the 5 essential reasons why customer retention should be your top priority.

1. Customer Retention Is Cheaper Than Customer Acquisition

Depending on research paper or industry, the cost of acquiring a new customer can go up to five or seven times more than retaining an existing customer.

Therefore, it can be extremely expensive to gain customers, but much less so to retain them. Since existing customers are already aware of your business and company, you save on educating them about your company.

Just think about the marketing costs you have to spend on obtaining new customers, you can logically surmise that retaining and trying to gain a loyal following may be much easier and cheaper.

2. Word of Mouth: The World’s Best Free Advertising

Word-of-mouth advertising is the most cost-effective advertising that you can have and there is one great way to bring it to being. You’ve guessed it; loyal customers.

Customers who are loyal to your company are the best evangelists of your products and services. Furthermore, they are the also best people to give you valuable feedback on how your company can improve.

3. It’s Not As Hard As You Think

Majority of customers would remain with a company’s products unless they were unhappy with your service or product on their first use. This means that retaining customers may not be that difficult in the first place, especially when rewarding them with gift vouchers in singapore.

To be exact, 68% of customers leave only because they were unhappy with a company’s service. As such, investing a little more in ensuring top-notch, optimal service, or simply training employees appropriately would go a long way in retaining customers. It can be that simple!

4. Loyal Customers Tend To Spend More

According to Invesp, “existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products and spend 31% more (money)” than new customers.

That alone is a good reason to invest in customer retention to ensure that these loyal customers who are more likely to spend more continue to spend on your products and not on another company’s products.

5. During Tough Times, Loyal Customers May Be Your Saving Grace

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected so many businesses. We would never have expected such an unfortunate event to occur. Now that it has, gaining new customers has become more difficult.

As loyal customers would highly likely continue to patronize your business, investing in them becomes a worthy investment that you should seriously consider.

So Now, How Would You Retain Your Customers?

Customers love to feel appreciated and valued, so businesses would do well to have personal after-care services, discounts, promotions, and even giving gift vouchers or online vouchers for them to redeem at places they love. Gather information about them through surveys or questionnaires, and reward them with loyalty benefits! UNIQGIFT gift vouchers in Singapore are a good choice of loyalty benefits.

They come in the form of both physical and online vouchers and can be very easily gifted. Convenient and simple to redeem, and redeemable at our many merchant partners, it is no wonder your customers would continue feeling grateful with your services and products and be loyal, happy customers for many years to come!

To learn how UNIQGIFT E vouchers in Singapore can play a role in your reward campaigns, contact us here.

13 Creative Ways to Encourage Employee Retention

13 Creative Ways to Encourage Employee Retention

Many companies are able to retain their employees for many years because of the efforts they put into expressing appreciation and gratitude to their employees.

Do as the MNCs do

From the likes of Google, Microsoft and Facebook, these are ideas from world-renowned companies. Wonderful and creative rewards are given to their employees, making these companies such as attractive places to work at.

We have collated them for your reference! Many require higher budgets and a lot of work, so we provided viable alternatives. Sit back, relax and enjoy reading.

Here are 13 creative ways to encourage employee retention in your organisation.

1. Wellness

Google is well-known for having beautiful offices. These offices provide top-notch ambience to help their employees get the optimal level of work done.

Similarly, they reward their employees with attractive and creative rewards. They care for their employees’ wellbeing by providing them with chiropractic therapy and massage services. Similarly, you can gift e vouchers in Singapore which enable your employees to redeem physical fitness equipment, outfits, or wellness services.

2. Company Marathon or Team Sports Day

Team-bonding or sports activities never fail to make your employees relate more closely to the company because they show that you care about the relationships you build with them as well, not just the work they produce.

3. Sports Club

Similar to one-day events, you could seek out local sports clubs or curricular activities for your employees to participate together after work hours!

4. Gym & Fitness Centre Access

Though your business may not be able to afford onsite gyms or office fitness centers, you definitely can reward your employees not just with free healthcare services, but digital vouchers that offsets some if not all of their gym expenses!

5. Entertainment

Work is not just about the grind. Remember to also reward your staff by providing them with some entertainment to relax after work. Having a karaoke singing contest or just a casual jamming session can be an awesome way for your employees to relieve stress!

UNIQGIFT digital gift cards or e gift cards Singapore allow your employees to enjoy karaoke sessions at Manekineko with their loved ones and friends.

6. Nutrition & Supplements

UNIQGIFT e vouchers in Singapore are perfect gifts especially for older employees who deserve quality supplements, vitamins and nutrients to care for their health.

Wishing them good health and giving them more work-life balance is great but giving e vouchers or online vouchers that can be used to redeem supplements and vitamins would also be a thoughtful gift!

7. Good Food

In Singapore, everyone LOVES food. You will never go wrong with rewarding your employees with a feast! You could reward them with UNIQGIFT E vouchers which they can use to dine with their family and friends at our extensive list of dining merchant partners.

8. Contribute to the community

You could also combine this idea with a little CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Partner with a social service organization and organize a day where your company can serve the community together.

Purchase physical vouchers, give them out to your employees, and let them distribute the vouchers to the less fortunate. This is a great way of letting your employees know that your company is concerned about social needs and not just about money. They will be more likely to align themselves with such a company. At the same time, your company will be helping the less fortunate.

9. Tech Rewards

Tech companies often gift their employees with their own tech equipment or gadgets, but if you are not a tech company or you don’t have that kind of budget, a great way to reward your employees would be to gift them with e gift cards in Singapore to spend on gadgets they like!

10. Dedicating office space

Your employees will always appreciate you for caring about their well-being, even in the office. A feasible way is to dedicate some rooms or office space for them to do recreational activities or simply relax.

Companies like Asana have dedicated “nap rooms”. Another idea is to conduct renovations and upgrades in the company. For example, having potted plants, natural sunlight and big windows can do a lot for your employee’s mental health and well-being. This will benefit loyal employees and give them more reasons to stay.

11. Encourage Travelling with Traveling Allowance

Many employees are hungry to travel and explore the world once again, after the pandemic subsides. Thus, reward your employees with travel allowance or vouchers to support and encourage their travelling dreams and thirst for adventure!

12. Flexible Work-life balance

Another way to retain employees is showing that you trust them. One area which you can show this trust is through your company’s leave system. This is perhaps why you could emulate what Netflix did, which is giving unlimited time off, and up to one year’s paid time off for new parents.

This means your employees have no need to worry about emergencies at home, and can count on you that you trust them fully. Similarly, you should stop dictating when your employees can leave work. If they are done, let them enjoy the time they saved from working hard. Especially towards loyal employees, whom you trust.

13. Rewarding them with EVERYTHING

Most of the above can actually be achieved, one way or another with UNIQGIFT’s E Vouchers in Singapore. With abundant choices, gifting your employees with these gift cards is the perfect, all-encompassing way of rewarding them with everything and anything they desire!

If you are looking to reward your employees, contact us today!

Looking to Reward Your Employees? Find Out How.

Looking to Reward Your Employees? Find Out How.

Recall how great it felt to be rewarded for the great work you have been doing for the company. Recognition helps to boost the morale of your employees. It also motivates them to carry on the good work that they have been doing.

Positive reinforcement can be an effective way to set an example for everyone in your organization, conveying the type of work performance you value the most.

In this post, we share 4 simple ways that you can adopt to reward your hardworking employees.

1. Spot Awards

Regularly reward your employees with practices like Spot Awards. Employees are rewarded based on their performance for the week or for certain tasks, with small rewards like $10 online voucher gifts.

Such rewards do not only have a monetary value but are also acknowledgments of your employees’ good work.

This will encourage your employees to be more consistent with their work performance since they know they will be rewarded and acknowledged for it.

2. TGIF – Early Fridays

A really good idea to reward hardworking employees would be to give them the option of being able to knock-off earlier on Fridays once they are confident with the work they have done.

Being able to knock-off early on Fridays may be a simple reward, but take it a step further and gift your employees with gift cards they can use to enjoy that day!

UNIQGIFT E Vouchers allow them to dine and shop at all our partner merchants in Singapore. Letting your employees knock off earlier, accompanied by E gift cards in Singapore would definitely be a perk they would appreciate.

3. Monthly Rewards

Employee of the month programs to spotlight one employee a month is another good practice. This allows your employee to feel valued. Digital gifts, like a simple e gift card, can go a long way, and would motivate your employees because it makes them feel appreciated.

Together with the gift card, always remember to express a sincere “thank you” or “great job” because it will definitely add a personal touch to the reward.

4. Major Holidays

We should also never neglect periods where major occasions such as cultural festivals, Christmas, New Year’s Day, or National Day occur. HR teams can plan early celebratory events and team-bonding activities for your employees.

Rewarding them with fun events like these would also give them something to look forward to and ultimately improve employee engagement and morale.

If you’re looking for E Gift Cards in Singapore to complement your rewards programs, look no further.

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Engage & Retain Your Most Valuable Customers With E Vouchers

Engage & Retain Your Most Valuable Customers With E Vouchers

It is true that in this day and age, “just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to create raving fans” (Ken Blanchard).

In this post, we discuss the best ways to engage and retain your most valuable customers based on scientific research and studies, and why E vouchers or gift vouchers are one of the most fool-proof, effective ways of showing your care, gratitude and appreciation.

Accomplishing sustainable customer loyalty, measured in years, calls for a strategic sustainable process. One significant study by Kwiatek and Thanasi-Boçe (2019), investigated loyalty programs (LPs) in a business-to-business (B2B) context as they aimed to determine whether recency, frequency or monetary frameworks were most effective to engage and retain customers.

So, guess which framework was found to be most effective?

Well, they found that the highest influence on sales was the frequency of rewards.

Thus, regularly gifting or rewarding customers is the most effective way of retaining their patronage.

This may be because psychologically, customers make a mental note every time you reward them, and thus, your company and products linger in their minds more frequently.

Reward timing should also be considered as an important factor that influences the change in customer purchasing behavior, so remember to time when rewards are given out, to possibly follow significant promotional events or sales like Black Friday, and the Christmas season.

Furthermore, the personal touch of E vouchers or gift vouchers goes a long way for your customers.

Teddy Roosevelt himself expressed that “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Thus, show them that you don’t just mean business, and are vested in their well-being, their personal lives, and that they are not just simply your clients or customers.

This can be done by ensuring your token of appreciation is personal. What is the easiest, most convenient, and effective way to show your gratitude? By giving gift vouchers, or E vouchers in Singapore, such as those from UNIQGIFT.

Your customers would be absolutely delighted to know they can spend the vouchers on things they would enjoy and wonderful experiences they get to try, be it through entertainment like karaoke, or food, with more than 45 varieties of delectable treats to choose from.

Show that you care about their health and well-being from these E vouchers as they can be redeemed at nutrition and health-related outlets like gyms, pharmacies, sports and travelling equipment stores!

Add a personal note to them to show your care, and this will be the cherry on top. Engaging and retaining customers has never been this easy, because giving E vouchers and gift vouchers regularly, will guarantee that your valuable customers would similarly value your business or service, and find you their most valuable service or product provider for years to come.

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Find Out How E Vouchers Can Better Meet Your Voucher Needs

Find Out How E Vouchers Can Better Meet Your Voucher Needs

Digital gift vouchers have grown in popularity worldwide. According to statistics, the global value of the gift cards market is expected to hit a value of 510 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

It is no different in Singapore, once a buzzing, bustling metropolis and hotspot for shopping. Yet, the pandemic may have caused some spirits to dampen, especially with shopping malls temporarily closed, and masks and social distancing becoming the new norm.

Our shopping experience will likely change and become quite different from what we were familiar with and used to previously. However, this does not mean it would change for the worse. On the contrary, with changes come novel ideas to progress, ways to improve the status quo, and exciting new trends to follow.

With the global move towards digitalisation, it is natural for companies to start considering E vouchers instead of physical vouchers. Before choosing to adopt E vouchers, you may be curious to find out what some of their benefits are.

This article outlines 4 benefits of using E vouchers so that you can make an informed decision on whether to adopt them for your HR or marketing needs.

1. Convenience

E vouchers come with all the benefits of physical vouchers, but without its disadvantages. Physical vouchers come with high delivery costs, long man-hours of packing and distribution, as well as a need for storage space.

With E vouchers, these negatives are eliminated by technology. Your teams will greatly benefit from a lightened administrative load and they can use that time for more important tasks than packing vouchers for distribution.

2. Flexibility

E vouchers provide maximum flexibility. UNIQGIFT E vouchers can be redeemed at more than 50+ retailer partners. Due to our extensive list of merchant partners, there will be something for everyone.

Furthermore, our UNIQGIFT E vouchers can be used across multiple merchants until the balance runs out. Recipients will never have to waste voucher credits again.

3. Multiple Denominations

E vouchers, like those from UNIQGIFT, come in multiple denominations! Unlike physical gift vouchers that often are fixed in amount and inflexible, digital gift vouchers and E vouchers are available in any denomination from $1 to $1000.

This means that recipients of our E vouchers also have the luxury of partially spending their gift vouchers across multiple transactions in Singapore. They never have to worry about wasting voucher value again and can ensure that they maximize the monetary value that they receive.

4. User Friendly

Our UNIQGIFT e vouchers can be conveniently accessed immediately on any smartphone without downloading an external application. Our digital vouchers are built with HTML5-based technology and they are compatible with native browsers of iOS & Android.

5. Contactless Distribution

As the battle against Covid-19 is still going on, it is best that social distancing is still being practiced. Using physical vouchers inevitably results in physical contact as vouchers pass hands during distribution or redemption.

E vouchers are safer, especially during this season since they can be redeemed and distributed through contactless means. If you are still looking to reward staff or clients this season, reward safely with our online vouchers.

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Employee Recognition Ideas: 4 Ways To Make Your Employees Feel Valued

4 Ways To Make Your Employees Feel Valued

Many of us often forget that we, as humans, need to feel understood, valued and appreciated for what we do. It is a common, human need that every single one of us desires.

Oprah Winfrey herself established this in her commencement speech at Harvard:

“The single most important lesson I learned in 25 years talking every single day to people was that there’s a common denominator in our human experience…. we want to be validated. We want to be understood.

I’ve done over 35,000 interviews in my career. And as soon as that camera shuts off, everyone always turns to me and inevitably, in their own way, asks this question: “Was that OK?” ….[We] all want to know one thing: “Was that OK?” “Did you hear me?” “Do you see me?” “Did what I say mean anything to you?”

It is so important for organisations to remember to appreciate their employees. Employees who feel valued will be more willing to stay and work hard for the organization.

How do we show our employees that they are valued?

Here are 4 simple ways to do so:

1. The Art of Listening

Listening is the simplest but often most neglected way of showing you care. Put down your phone, turn away from your computer and stop thinking about work and KPIs for a while. Just listen to what your employees have to say.

Put in the extra effort to connect with them by really putting yourself in their shoes and empathising with them. Being a listening ear, and expressing empathy allows for a deeper personal connection transcending an employer-employee bond.

2. Express Appreciation

Tell your employees exactly what you value about them. Proactively appreciating and valuing your employees for who they are, rather than what they have done, is an incredibly powerful way to show them that they are truly valued. It lets them know that the organization cares about them, and not just what they do for the company.

3. Give thought to the act of rewarding

Instead of buying something that your employees might not like, a much better way to show appreciation is through thoughtful gestures like giving practical multi-choice online vouchers.

With UNIQGIFT gift vouchers and e vouchers Singapore, your employees would be absolutely delighted as everyone would be able to find something they like from our extensive merchant partner list.

The common vouchers that HR teams currently give to employees may become boring and employees may think that their organisations are merely finding the most convenient way to reward them without putting much thought into it.

However, UNIQGIFT e vouchers and gift vouchers are different. We have a variety of merchant partners in Singapore that include restaurants, department stores and even health and fitness stores. We also have a draw-down feature that allows for multiple transactions with just one voucher, something that not many other vouchers have.

4. Team-Bonding Activities

Lastly, allocating time for team-bonding activities show to your employees that you value the relationships you have with them, and not just the work they produce. Amazing races, Bingos, Go Kart Racing, or even Build-Your-Own Terrariums are some examples of team bonding activities that never fail to get employees to compete and have fun!

Our online vouchers and gift vouchers in Singapore can be used as prizes in team-bonding activities, to motivate them to play harder. With the relationships built, teams will be able to work more cohesively and productively together.

Let’s strive to create a culture of appreciation in our organisations, that builds people up. Our UNIQGIFT e vouchers are here to help your department as you look for employee rewards or team bonding prizes.

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How to Better Engage your Employees

How to Better Engage your Employees

Did you know that Singapore was only ranked 11th out of 17 other nations, with regards to employee engagement? Our score was only 47%. In contrast, other Asian nations India (79%), Thailand (72%) and Hong Kong (63%) take up the top three spots respectively in the same Qualtrics report.

This reflects that there are so much more companies can do to better engage their employees in Singapore. If employees are better engaged, they will be more willing to work harder and to take more ownership of their work within the organisation.

Employee Engagement strengthens the connection that employees feel toward their organisations. Engaged employees are those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and organisation.

But what does this mean for the HR department that is often in charge of engaging staff? And what are some tangible and effective ways organizations can engage their employees to retain and motivate them?

Collect and Act on employee feedback

Studies have shown that employee engagement rises significantly to 83% when employee feedback is well-received and acted upon. If feedback is regularly collected and acted upon, employee engagement increases even more.

According to Stephen Choo, a Senior Solutions Strategist at Qualtrics, “what really moves the needle is whether employees feel the company turns their feedback into tangible actions”.

Reward and appreciate employees

Another effective way to achieve high employee engagement is by rewarding employees. One of the factors that are highly important to employee engagement, according to the Qualtrics report, is recognition of good work. Making extra effort to reward deserving employees will show that the organization recognises their good work.

This will motivate them to stay and continue to perform well.

Research has found that the perceived value of receiving rewards such as gift vouchers or e vouchers in Singapore which UNIQGIFT specializes in, typically far exceed actual cash rewards. This is because of the thoughtfulness that comes with gift vouchers and e vouchers – the company takes a step further to find out what their employees prefer and acts on that feedback when rewarding them.

Instead of cold hard cash, e vouchers and gift vouchers provide a better and more personal alternative to rewarding your employees.

Therefore, e vouchers and gift vouchers in Singapore are often valued far more than cash rewards.

Thus, a simple gift voucher or e voucher from UNIQGIFT Singapore would contribute to making a culture of appreciation and affirmation a reality in your organisation.

As we listen to our employees and appreciate them for their good work, employees will definitely become more engaged. With more engagement, there would be more retention and better productivity.

Make that extra effort to engage your employees with UNIQGIFT E vouchers!

5 Reasons Why E vouchers or Gift Vouchers are Great for HR

5 Reasons Why E vouchers or Gift Vouchers are Great for HR

COVID-19 has changed the way many work and live. With the future uncertain, the morale of employees has been affected. As a result, many companies are exploring ways to motivate their employees so that they perform at their best. One viable solution is to provide financial incentives.

Here are 5 reasons why providing financial incentives will help to increase your employees’ work performance.

Financial incentives, such as gift or E vouchers increase employee motivation

Financial incentives refer to another form of direct compensation beyond salary. They are given as performance-based compensation. UNIQGIFT E Vouchers in Singapore are a good choice of such incentives as we offer many choices to your staff, making such incentives more attractive than the usual e gift cards.

Work motivation is the driving force for employees to work effectively and cooperatively to achieve optimal job performance and satisfaction. Research has examined and verified the relationship between job satisfaction, motivation, and low burnout level in employees (Papasotiriou et al., 2018).

In a recent 2018 study, Novianty and Evita found a strong correlation between giving financial incentives to employees and employee motivation, as it fuels them to have the willingness to exert high levels of effort toward organizational goals.

Financial incentives influence healthy lifestyle changes

Financial incentive programs that target wellness, physical well-being or fitness, in the form of, for example, distributing gift vouchers or e vouchers in Singapore related to sportswear, gyms, wellness centres, nutrition, etc., are proven to have stimulated changes in health behavior by increasing the likelihood of employees taking to new and healthier lifestyles (Basu & Kiernan, 2016).

Investing in your employees’ health and wellbeing is crucial to better work performance and one great way you can motivate your staff to live healthier is through these voucher rewards.

Financial incentives are a good way of letting your employees feel more appreciated

Employees appreciate it when their companies make an effort to ask them for their opinions and preferences. Therefore, when the HR department conducts quick surveys about which products or services are most popular among your employees, and then find the corresponding gift vouchers to fit these preferences, employees will know that they are cared for and that their opinions matter.

In fact, if survey results show varied preferences, HR could give out different e vouchers or gift vouchers each time to specific groups of employees depending on what they prefer. In this regard, UNIQGIFT has a huge range of e voucher products to choose from.

These vouchers are versatile – easy to buy, easy to get

Imagine this. HR buys the vouchers with ease; there are no worries about operations, logistics, or delays. Our vouchers have a short lead time and are extremely easy for your HR department to distribute to your employees.

Furthermore, there is no need to carve out storage space to store these vouchers. This leads to another amazing benefit of using UNIQGIFT e vouchers as financial incentives.

Gift vouchers and e vouchers are convenient – easy to get and equally easy for your employees to use

Now, your employees are free to spend it however they want and use it at any time they want. They can even do it in the comfort of their own homes by shopping online with our online merchant partners. UNIQGIFT vouchers cater to various lifestyles, hobbies, and interests. It makes life a lot easier for you and your employees.

Ready to reward your employees?

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