Most Flexible E-Vouchers in Singapore

> Accepted at over 750 Retail Outlets

> 100% Digital. Flash the E-Voucher on your phone at the cashier

> Spend across multiple retailers in $1 denominations = No Wasted Credits!

> High Security & Privacy with Unique URL, Pin Code Protection, Anonymous Access



Receive SMS, click URL to open E Voucher on web browser

Receive SMS to Redeem your e vouchers in singapore

Enter 4-digit pass code (within SMS)

Enter Code to Access your Gift vouchers singapore

E Voucher is retrieved

The versatility of UNIQGIFT E-Vouchers in Singapore

Sales & Marketing

1. Customer Acquisition
Win over more customers with our unique digital vouchers available for use in Singapore

2. Customer Loyalty
Build relationship with your customers by rewarding them for choosing you.

3. Referral Programs
Make your referral programs more enticing with our voucher products.

3. Promotional Campaign
Make your giveaways and prizes perfect with our online vouchers

4. Channel Partner Incentives
Strengthen your partnerships through our voucher incentives

5. Customer Care & Client Recovery
Convey your sincerity with our gift vouchers in Singapore

HR Solutions

1. Employee Reward & Recognition
Reward and motivate deserving employees with E vouchers in Singapore

2. Sales Incentives
Incentivise your employees to hit important sales targets with our gift vouchers

3. Employee Benefits
Attract or retain employees by adding our gift vouchers to your suite of employee benefits

4. Long-Service Rewards
Appreciate long-serving staff with digital gifts they will love

5. Birthdays
Gift a birthday voucher that your employees will appreciate

6. Weddings
Practical and thoughtful digital gifts to congratulate your newlywed employees

7. Baby Gifts
Celebrate your employees’ new arrivals with this voucher

Try The E-Voucher Experience

Participating Merchants
Over 750 Retail Stores

Supermarkets / Convenience Stores

Retail & Services

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Experience & Expertise

UNIQGIFT was founded in 2008 and launched to bring the unique concept of choice in gifting to Singapore. Today, we are the respected partner of choice for Singapore’s largest companies and most recognized brands. Our brands include UNIQGIFT, UNIQGIFT Voucher, and UNIQREWARDS, each of which serves niches where we are established as a market leader.

Our E-Vouchers in Singapore enable real-time connections to engage customers and employees through gifting, promotions, and loyalty initiatives. Backed by an enterprise-grade voucher system and a strong network of over 150 merchant partners, we enhance efficiencies and boost our merchants’ revenues.

Complete solutions for both employee and client recognition

We offer robust tools for companies to develop long-term reward programs of all shapes and sizes. With our extensive experience & expertise, we structure loyalty programs for some of the largest companies while providing attractive benefits that your employees and clients would love.

Whether it’s to support marketing campaigns, building customer loyalty, or employee recognition, our E voucher solutions will support your business objectives.

Comprehensive Benefits

In Singapore, E-vouchers are experiencing a high rate of adoption for many reasons. They eliminate many disadvantages that physical vouchers pose. Physical vouchers come with high delivery costs, time, and effort spent on packing vouchers, administratively heavy inventory management, and a need for storage space.

With E-Vouchers, delivery costs are lowered, vouchers are easily distributed, inventory is easily maintained and there is no need for storage space due to its online nature.

Make the switch to our E-Vouchers to save time, effort, and space.

With a wide array of functions, UNIQGIFT’s E-Vouchers are developed to provide you the best-in-class gifting experience.

1. Flexible Configuration

Our gift vouchers are designed with flexibility in mind. With over 150 retailers on board, your employees/clients can use the E-Vouchers in places that they frequent. To serve different campaign needs, we customize flexible validity periods from one day to one year. Barcodes and QR applications can be adapted to suit merchants’ requirements.

2. Multiple Denominations

The E-Vouchers are available in any denomination from $1 to $1000.

Users have the privilege to partially spend the E Voucher’s amount in $1 denominations across multiple transactions. Unlike physical gift vouchers, our online vouchers ensure that users can maximize the monetary value that they receive.

3. Convenient access & management of the vouchers

Our E-Vouchers can be conveniently stored and accessed immediately on your smartphone without the need for any mobile app downloads. Our online vouchers are built with HTML5 based technology and they are compatible with native browsers of iOS & Android.

4. High security & privacy

Each online voucher comes with unique short URL and PIN code protection is enabled to prevent unauthorized access during delivery. The voucher access is kept anonymous with no registration required to use the voucher.

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