Top 8 Employee Activities that You Could Tie An Incentive To

It’s a common occurrence when conversations about “incentivizing” employees and staff crop up, they are often misunderstood by the lay-person as a selfish, amoral, and gluttonous ways for companies to trick their hard-working workforce into doing more work for the company. Whereas, in fact the reality is completely different.

Simple Motivation Boosters

It has been found that your staff has a much easier time working and achieving short term and long-term goals by merely adding simple motivation boosters in forms of corporate rewards and gifts. And in this age of social distancing and remote working from home, the process has slowly been taking a turn towards the digital.

Various gifting solution companies like UNIQGIFT have made it very easy for companies to roll out flexible corporate gifts in the form of easy-to-access digital gift cards, which studies have shown, are the more preferred form of corporate rewards among employees.

In fact, below, you’ll find a list of 8 activities that one might incentivize to grow employee engagement and motivation:

1. New Ideas

Employees being proactive and coming up with interesting ideas for services or products that could be utilized to improve the company’s products.

2. Charity Work Outside of Working Hours

Incentivize employees and staff for giving up their personal time and going out into the world and undertaking charitable endeavors with causes that highlight the company’s values and principles.

3. Corporate Quizzes

Curating specialized quizzes focused around the company and its products is a great way to engage the employees while building their awareness about the more salient features of the organization and its values.

4. Fitness Challenges

Staying at home and working from your couch has given rise to many unhealthy habits. How about rewarding your staff for taking walks, attending the gym or undertaking various form of exercise? Apps like Strava allow you to keep track of your employees’ physical activities. This include Walking, Cycling, Swimming & more.

5. Staying Environmentally Friendly

Awards can be declared and set up in various aspects of everyday working habits to reduce waste and promote a more sustainable and environment friendly way of doing work.

6. Non-Sales Staffs

When it comes to corporate rewards, the sales team tends to be at the receiving end while the non-sales staff often goes unnoticed. How about setting up rewards for the non-sales staff which encourages them to bring in potential leads.

7. Warranties & Guarantees

More often than not, the products that are being sold often come with a set of warranties and guarantees. The sales of these warranties and guarantees is a prime point to focus on while drawing up rewards for selling more products.

8. Self-Improvement

However, in current times, where working remotely from home has become a Lastly, great corporate rewards can be put in place for self-improvement that will benefit the company for example, taking an online course to further study the tools of your trade.


Every project is different, and therefore, it is imperative that the rewards awarded for these endeavors are marked appropriate. Discharging electronic gift cards takes the hassle of building a price-appropriate gift package. Companies like UNIQGIFT are great at creating bespoke digital gift vouchers, that you can distribute among your staff as rewards.

With corporate gifting trends slowly shifting towards the digital platform, it’s a prime time to understand and inculcate digital gift packages in your company’s everyday functionality.