Looking to Reward Your Employees? Find Out How.

Recall how great it felt to be rewarded for the great work you have been doing for the company. Recognition helps to boost the morale of your employees. It also motivates them to carry on the good work that they have been doing.

Positive reinforcement can be an effective way to set an example for everyone in your organization, conveying the type of work performance you value the most.

In this post, we share 4 simple ways that you can adopt to reward your hardworking employees.

1. Spot Awards

Regularly reward your employees with practices like Spot Awards. Employees are rewarded based on their performance for the week or for certain tasks, with small rewards like $10 online voucher gifts.

Such rewards do not only have a monetary value but are also acknowledgments of your employees’ good work.

This will encourage your employees to be more consistent with their work performance since they know they will be rewarded and acknowledged for it.

2. TGIF – Early Fridays

A really good idea to reward hardworking employees would be to give them the option of being able to knock-off earlier on Fridays once they are confident with the work they have done.

Being able to knock-off early on Fridays may be a simple reward, but take it a step further and gift your employees with gift cards they can use to enjoy that day!

UNIQGIFT E Vouchers allow them to dine and shop at all our partner merchants in Singapore. Letting your employees knock off earlier, accompanied by E gift cards in Singapore would definitely be a perk they would appreciate.

3. Monthly Rewards

Employee of the month programs to spotlight one employee a month is another good practice. This allows your employee to feel valued. Digital gifts, like a simple e gift card, can go a long way, and would motivate your employees because it makes them feel appreciated.

Together with the gift card, always remember to express a sincere “thank you” or “great job” because it will definitely add a personal touch to the reward.

4. Major Holidays

We should also never neglect periods where major occasions such as cultural festivals, Christmas, New Year’s Day, or National Day occur. HR teams can plan early celebratory events and team-bonding activities for your employees.

Rewarding them with fun events like these would also give them something to look forward to and ultimately improve employee engagement and morale.

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