Singapore’s Most Flexible Online Shopping Voucher

> Integrated Online User Journey

> Instant E-Voucher Delivery i.e. SMS or e-mail

> No Apps, Long Registrations or Logins required.

> Receive and Redeem Online Immediately.

This voucher is designed to help you thank and reward your amazing employees during these unprecedented times.

Make their life indoors a little easier by giving them the perfect online shopping experience, delivered straight to their front door.

– Our Team at UNIQGIFT



Receive SMS, click into URL to open E Voucher on web browser

Receive their stay home vouchers in singapore through sms

Enter 4-digit pass code (within SMS)

Enter code to access your Gift vouchers in Singapore

Pick Your Gift of Choice

The UNIQGIFT #StayHome E Voucher, can be redeemed at the following merchants

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Reward Your Employees today