New Year Series: Top 10 Gift Ideas For Your Employeest Cards to Improve Customer Loyalty

It’s almost that time of the year again. We are nearing this year’s finish line amidst unexpected business challenges and uncertainties. And every company is looking back and gauging the year’s turnover. The silver lining though is that it’s also officially time for presents. This year’s New Year presents are different. It’s not just a box of cookies or a wine.

Stress levels among employees have drastically increased during the pandemic. It’s a time to make employees feel special and reward them for their dedication, hardwork and perseverance towards your business goals. A gift which can boost productivity and motivation levels is a game changer.

And if you’re still drawing a blank on what to add to that shopping list, we’ve got some ideas for some valuable gifts your employees are sure to appreciate.

1. Audible One-Month Subscription / Books: For the book lovers in the workspace

Anybody who loves reading will testify to the fact that ‘there is no such thing as too many books’. And there is no wrong time to present them as presents!

There’s no doubt that book lovers will be smitten by a new book to launch them into the year. Since we live in the digital age, a subscription to audiobooks through a gift voucher in Singapore is a perfect pick.

Catching a small snippet amidst a coffee break is pure bliss!

2. Astrology Books: For the future seers out there

The one thing we know for certain today is that nobody has seen what tomorrow will bring. One can be fired from a job, or suffer a pay cut.

There are a few, however, that believe that there is a way to obtain a sneak peek. If your employees appreciate the road maps that books on star signs offer, a complete set of astrology books for the new year should be greatly appreciated.

3. Diaries/ Planners: To plan career paths in the new year

What’s a new year without a new goal in the face of a New Year resolution? A smart way to help your employees meet that goal is by offering them a few key tools.

A diary or planner at the start of the year will help keep track of where the time in the day and days of the week pass. Thus, aiding your employees in staying true to their course.

4. Digital photo frames for the work desk

One of the eternal complaints of hard-working employees is the quandary of how to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Offering a solution of sorts, photographs on the work desk provide the illusion that loved ones are with you all the time. Digital photo frames allow the option of adding in a multitude of family photos or pictures taken over the Christmas holidays.

5. Personalised stationery: For those last-minute scribbles

No office space is complete without a splatter of note pads, pens and random pieces of paper. After all, you never really know when you’re going to need to jot something down.

Stationary is one of the most practical gifts you can offer your employees. Adding in that personal touch goes a long way into showing awareness and appreciation for your team.

6. Scented Candles: Soothe those busy nerves

There’s no denying that we live in stressful times. 25% of employees see their job as the primary source of stress. And nothing works as fast or as well as the calming wafts of a delicately scented candle.

We’re sure no one can ever object to a room smelling fine. It is the perfect element to put employees in a good mood.

7. Access to copious amounts of coffee: thrill the caffeine connoisseurs

A subscription to an annual coffee gift box will be considered a Godsend by the non-morning workers out there. An E-voucher in Singapore should guarantee your employees a month or years surprise of some of the most flavoursome coffee the world can offer, delivered right to their doorstep.


8. A Cooking Class: a chance to get creative in the kitchen

65% employees have reported increased work stress during the pandemic. Encouraging hobbies among employees is very important to keep them focussed and motivated at work.

Cooking as an activity is akin to therapy by some. It is used as a method to unwind after a busy day at work by many others.

So, it’s safe to assume that a gift voucher in Singapore to a cooking or baking class offering to teach a new skill or cuisine will be very well received and appreciated by your employees.

9. Decorative Desk Plants: add a dash of charm

It might be fair to say your workspace is not the most exciting place to look at here. Employees might appreciate the opportunity to give the area a little character through some natural or artificial indoor plants.

10. Noise Cancelling Earphones: Get in the zone

No one will ever say no to some good quality earphones. While air pods are all the rage right now, there’s more to unleash. It’s safe to say anything that would drown out the office hubbub will be well received. If you’re not sure, a simple E -voucher in Singapore should allow your employees to pick one that suits their needs and tastes best.

Finding the right gift can be taxing at times. However, skimming through this list should offer some insight and innovative ideas.

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