U Care FAQ Page

1. How do I use my NTUC Care Fund e-Vouchers?
You may load the e-voucher on your mobile phone and use it at participating merchants for exact value purchases with no minimum purchase. You may refer to the redemption video guide here.

2. I am unable to redeem my voucher.
Your Voucher might have been expired, kindly refer to the expiry date indicated on the Voucher.
Your Voucher might have been utilized, kindly refresh the Voucher URL link to see the balance available.

3. My voucher has expired; will I be able to extend the expiry?
Unfortunately, Vouchers that have expired cannot be extended or replaced.

4. What should I do if I have not received my voucher?
Kindly contact your issuing organization if you have yet to receive the Vouchers which you are expecting.

5. I changed my mobile phone number and/or email address and can no longer access my vouchers. Can you resend it to my new mobile number and/or email address?
Kindly contact your issuing organization if you would like for the Voucher to be resent to your new contact details.

6. Where can I use my vouchers?
For the full list of store locations, please click here.

7. My purchase amount exceeds my voucher value, can i top up the difference?
Yes, you may top up for the difference using other payment modes available at the merchant stores.

8. Do I need to share my personal data for redemption purposes?
No, your personal details would not be required for the redemption of Vouchers.

If you have any other queries, please complete the Service Request Form below and we will get back to you within 5 working days.

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