UNIQGIFT Shopping Vouchers


> Accepted at over 1,000 Retail Outlets

> Just Walk Into Store And Spend

> Perfect Alternative to Cash Rewards

> Highly Secured – Printed On Watermarked paper

Participating Merchants
Over 1,000 Retail Stores

Supermarkets / Convenience Stores

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Retail & Services

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Ready to Give The Gift Of Experience?

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Other than physical shopping vouchers, UNIQGIFT offers E vouchers in Singapore which allow you to reward your employees or customers with the best gifting experience. These digital vouchers allow your recipient to redeem their rewards across multiple retailers with no wasted credits. Learn how they work below.

E Vouchers

Over 450 Retail Outlets

Make the switch to our E vouchers to save time, effort, and space. When it comes to rewarding your employees or customers, flexibility & distribution is important. Experience how our E vouchers work here.

PLUS Online Vouchers

6 Online Merchants and over 450 Retail Outlets

The best of both worlds. This voucher allows your recipients to redeem their rewards at both online merchants and physical retailers. Versatile & Secure. The ultimate gifting experience that your recipients need.