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Looking to Reward Your Employees? Find Out How.

Recall how great it felt to be rewarded for the great work you have been doing for the company. Recognition helps to boost the morale of your employees. It also motivates them to carry on the good work that they have been doing. Find out how.

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How to Better Engage your Employees

Did you know that Singapore was only ranked 11th out of 17 other nations, with regards to employee engagement? Our score was only 47%. In contrast, other Asian nations India (79%), Thailand (72%) and Hong Kong (63%) take up the top three spots respectively.

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5 Reasons Why E vouchers or Gift Vouchers are Great for HR

COVID-19 has changed the way many work and live. With the future uncertain, the morale of employees has been affected. As a result, many companies are exploring ways to motivate their employees so that they perform at their best. One viable solution is to provide financial incentives.

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