How to Better Engage your Employees

Did you know that Singapore was only ranked 11th out of 17 other nations, with regards to employee engagement? Our score was only 47%. In contrast, other Asian nations India (79%), Thailand (72%) and Hong Kong (63%) take up the top three spots respectively in the same Qualtrics report.

This reflects that there are so much more companies can do to better engage their employees in Singapore. If employees are better engaged, they will be more willing to work harder and to take more ownership of their work within the organisation.

Employee Engagement strengthens the connection that employees feel toward their organisations. Engaged employees are those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and organisation.

But what does this mean for the HR department that is often in charge of engaging staff? And what are some tangible and effective ways organizations can engage their employees to retain and motivate them?

Collect and Act on employee feedback

Studies have shown that employee engagement rises significantly to 83% when employee feedback is well-received and acted upon. If feedback is regularly collected and acted upon, employee engagement increases even more.

According to Stephen Choo, a Senior Solutions Strategist at Qualtrics, “what really moves the needle is whether employees feel the company turns their feedback into tangible actions”.

Reward and appreciate employees

Another effective way to achieve high employee engagement is by rewarding employees. One of the factors that are highly important to employee engagement, according to the Qualtrics report, is recognition of good work. Making extra effort to reward deserving employees will show that the organization recognises their good work.

This will motivate them to stay and continue to perform well.

Research has found that the perceived value of receiving rewards such as gift vouchers or e vouchers in Singapore which UNIQGIFT specializes in, typically far exceed actual cash rewards. This is because of the thoughtfulness that comes with gift vouchers and e vouchers – the company takes a step further to find out what their employees prefer and acts on that feedback when rewarding them.

Instead of cold hard cash, e vouchers and gift vouchers provide a better and more personal alternative to rewarding your employees.

Therefore, e vouchers and gift vouchers in Singapore are often valued far more than cash rewards.

Thus, a simple gift voucher or e voucher from UNIQGIFT Singapore would contribute to making a culture of appreciation and affirmation a reality in your organisation.

As we listen to our employees and appreciate them for their good work, employees will definitely become more engaged. With more engagement, there would be more retention and better productivity.

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