Opt for E vouchers in your rewards program: Never Get The Wrong Gift Anymore

There are two types of people in every organisation. Some that are good at buying corporate gift and others that are not. We all know the type. It may be the reporting manager, friend or a colleague. These guys seem to have an uncanny knack for buying fits for people who are close to them. Or maybe the gifted person is you!

However, there are other times where this special ability stops being of use. Most of the times when you have to buy gifts as part of the rewards program for a large group of people, like the employee body of your company.

1. Personalizing gifts for EVERYONE in a large crowd?

There was a time when a company could dip for a generic gift and get it over with, but what if there was a way to gift large crowds of people and still have the gift be personal.

It’s impossible to gauge what a large crowd (consisting of multiple interest sets) will like. That’s where organizations like UNIQGIFT come in. They have adopted the process of corporate gift-giving and modified it to prevent corporate gifts from becoming soul-less expression of the company. This is done by creating digital gift cards.

Each employee can go onto redeem the voucher from their preferred retailer tied up with the voucher (fashion/ clothing/ books/ subscriptions, etc). So, stop worrying about getting the wrong gift anymore!

2. Digital gift cards – geared for the new era of remote WFH actually is.

A digital gift card, basically works exactly like your analog gift card that we’ve been used to all these years. Only difference is that it takes away the hassle of the physical transportation and the worry of it reaching the recipient in time.

A digital gift card is an online code that person A shared with the recipient over email. It’s geared perfectly for the new era of remote work-from-home!

This gift card, when engaged, sends a confirmation to an online store making it easy for your employees to activate it and avail its benefits.

3. THE USP of flexibility and validity

The validity of digital gift cards is longer than most gifts. Given busy schedules of professionals and lockdowns in Singapore, the flexibility to redeem the voucher almost anytime suits well.

4. Cementing bonds with employees and clients

The good people over at BBC recently published an article about how gift giving can impact the interpersonal relationships between the sender and the receiver.

The same principles that the article suggests for gifting to your near and dear ones can be successfully applied to corporate gifting, thereby cementing the bond not only between you and your employees, but also with your clients.

5. Hassle-free, one-click gift purchase process.

A further benefit of digital gift cards is the logistical hassle that it removes. No longer do you have to take time out of your busy work-schedule to undertake the process of curating gifts for your clients and employees.

Online voucher solutions like UNIQGIFT make it as easy as pressing one button. Not only is it instant, but also can be scheduled according to your requirements, opening up the day for you to get on with your work.

6. Smart gifting alternative in post-covid era

As this article suggests, digital gift cards are growing into a substantial gifting alternative in this post-covid world. Digital gift cards may soon be the key to building happy, healthy intimate bond between you and your employees.

So, go ahead and try digital gift cards this year. It will not only pave a path for better company-employee relationship but it will also clear up your time for more useful endeavors this holiday season.

At UNIQGIFT, we offer vouchers that are great as digital gifts. If you would like to find out how you can reward your employees for their hard work, enquire here.